10 Reasons Why Babe Ruth Is
Still Sooo THE MAN!

Babe Ruth may no longer be with us but his achievements, like 60 homes runs in a single season, 714 home runs in his entire career and his seven World Series championships have immortalized him in the sports world. Here are 10 reasons why Babe Ruth is so THE MAN!

Origin Story

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Despite his popularity, no one really knows a lot about his early life. So he is essentially a mystery. We do know that he believed he was born on Feb. 7th, 1894 but later learned it was February 6th, 1895, although biographers had disputed this. There's virtually no info on his mother or siblings or dad, except that the latter was killed during a dispute with his 2nd wife's brother.

He Was A Tough Cookie

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His partying lifestyle caught up to him in 1925 during a game. He began feeling feverish and developed horrible cramps. But he kept on playing. Then while on a train ride he collapsed and hit his head. Rumors about his illness went as far as claiming that he had contracted syphilis, which didn't surprise anyone given that he was popular with LOTS of ladies.

The Legendary Home Runs

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Ruth is known for having hit an estimated 714 home runs but if you include the number of home runs he hit while barnstorming in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the estimate would likely be close to 1,031, including the longest home run ever of a 180 meters.

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