5 Reasons Why Mike Tyson
Would Be An Amazing Jedi

Mike Tyson is the most electrifying and talked about boxer ever. Star Wars is the most beloved movie franchise of all time. What if these two worlds collided? What if Mike Tyson had the ability to become a Jedi? Answer: He would be a Jedi Master and would be as dominate with a lightsaber as he is with boxing gloves. Here are 5 reasons why Mike Tyson would be an amazing Jedi.

1. Fighting Prowess


Mike Tyson's raw talent and ability to fight is unprecedented. Tyson may be the most naturally gifted athlete in history. Whether he's fighting with his bare hands or he's wielding a lightsaber, there is no doubt in my mind that Tyson's fighting prowess would be tops among the Jedi council. Not since Anakin Skywalker have we seen someone possess such raw potential. When it comes to the fighting aspect of being a Jedi, Mike Tyson would be the best.

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