Extreme Ways That China Is
Enforcing Internet

If you thought your internet freedom was restrictive when you were a teenager, try living in China, where the government has erected a massive firewall that controls what people see, say and do online. Here are just a few ways that China enforces internet censorship that might make you feel like you living in the true land of freedom.

White-Listing Music And Video Games

Chinese-people-cyber-using-computer Credit

Streaming services are obligated to screen any songs that might not meet the Chinese government's guidelines and remove them. As far as online games are concerned, Battlefield 4, which contains a plot of a Chinese military leader going rogue after a Chinese leader was murdered has been banned. Even World of Warcraft and League of Legends required alteration and censorship of certain contents before allowing gamers to play.

Arresting Internet Users

person-internet-typing-handcuffs Credit

In 2012, authorities arrested a blogger named Zhai Xiaobing, over a joke posted on Twitter regarding a roof caving in on representatives at a Communist Party conference. So anyone who posts things that the government views as a message from activists or a dissident movement may end up behind bars.

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