10 Challenges You'll Only
Understand If You Ever
Dated Someone Younger

Age shouldn't matter when you're dating someone as long as everyone is at least 18. But that doesn't stop some people from judging whenever an older woman or older man are out and about with someone younger. Here are some of the struggles people dating someone with a huge age gap have confessed on Whisper.

Forever Young

anti-aging-products-stay-younger Credit

First of all, it sounds like she's fallen real hard for her boyfriend. Second of all, she must be super optimistic to assume that anti-aging creams actually work!

Better In Bed

15-years-younger-girlfriend-not-great-conversation Credit

Now this is a major role reversal! Usually women are better at conversations while men are often really bad listeners. A 15-year age gap is likely the cause of this dilemma. But if she's great in bed then this guy really has nothing to complain about ... or does he?

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