10 Dangerous Apps That
Could Ruin Your Kid's Life

Most teens would argue that parents should give their kids some privacy and that apps are only dangerous if they are used irresponsibly. But danger lurks behind the deceptive users on the other end and they could be targeting your kids.


teen-boy-sunglasses-using-phone Credit

Kik makes it a lot easier for a predator to talk to your kids without you knowing about it. They can send photos as well as texts back and forth. To make things worse, the conversations aren't logged into the phone history as the app bypasses your service providers short message services.


3-girls-dressed-black-using-phones Credit

This app puts Facebook friends into two categories. It will indicate which person gets to stay in the friendzone and which one they'd like to hook up with. This not only encourages your teen to potentially "hook up" with other teens but it can also teach them how to see other people as mere potential sexual conquests.

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