8 Jobs You'll DEFINITELY
Lose To Some BADASS Robots

Yeah, yeah! Robot technology is making things a lot easier for us, we know! But as A.I. technology continues to grow, we're faced with the possibility that machines will gain conscience and creativity, two elements vital to these 8 professions. Before long, robots could be putting us out of a job.

Robotic Bakers

robotic-bakery-production-cookies Credit

Machines already handle the heavy industrial work of large bakeries and assembly lines. But according to an Oxford study, robots might be lending more than a hand at bakeries. Of course, baking is an art and we find it hard to believe that a machine could do it without that human touch to make it extra special but the future is now and robots are capable of baking perfect pastries.


robot-telemarketer-annoying-machine Credit

As if telemarketers weren't annoying enough, now they're trying to use robots with speech recognition software to annoy the crap out of millions of people across America. But don't feel bad for the humans that will likely lose their jobs to machines. They would eventually get fired anyway after getting hung up on by every angry person they called.

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