8 Scientific Questions That
Drive Us CRAZY ... And
Might Never Be Answered

There are a lot of things that science simply can't explain. So some of us turn to a higher power for answers which ultimately doesn't answer those thought-provoking questions about the world we live in. Here are 8 questions that continue to baffle us. Will there come a day when these questions will be answered?

Are We Alone In The Universe?

three-aliens-saucer-shaped-eyes Credit

We're not sure if there's life out there but we'd have to be pretty egotistical to assume that we're the only ones in the universe. So astronomers continue to scan potentially habitable planets in the hope that we'll find something to prove that there is life in outer space.

What Causes Gravity?

soccer-player-flipping-upside-down Credit

Of the four fundamental forces in the universe, gravity is the one force that has baffled scientists. Some believe that graviton particles may be responsible but because it's the weakest of all the other forces, it's difficult to actually study. But if we ever figure it out we could probably replicate it in conditions like on space stations and shuttles.

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