9 Diets That Are Beyond
RIDICULOUS, But Some Might
Just Work

It seems like someone's coming up with a brand new diet gimmick every year. But these 9 are beyond INSANE and completely useless! You'd have to be pretty desperate to try some of these bizarre diets and we hope you aren't getting any dieting ideas from this list.

Cookie Diet

Dr-Siegal-Cookie-Diet Credit

Weight loss guru Dr. Sanford Siegal believes you can lose up to 15 lb a month by eating a specially designed 60 calorie cookie, which will set you back $60 bucks per box. You're supposed to eat 9 of these snacks a day and then one meal that includes fish, chicken or turkey, 8 glasses of water and one cup of veggies.

Cotton Ball Diet

Scream-Queens-Lea-Michele-cotton-ball-diet Credit

You may have seen this on Scream Queens. You dip a cotton ball into a smoothie or fruit juice and then swallow the cotton ball whole. This will make you feel full so you don't end pigging out on highly nutritious (or otherwise) food. The downside is that you risk choking to death or suffering from a serious case of malnutrition. Why is this even a diet?

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