Here's Why You Should Just
Never Go There

Travelling abroad is simply disgusting. You have to deal with awful things like comfortable hotel rooms, nice hot showers after a long day at the beach while drinking a coconut drink and delightful exotic meals. And Brazil is one of the worst destinations to go to if you hate dreamy beaches, turquoise waters and all of the incredible things we're going to list here.

Christ The Redeemer

Christ-Redeemer-Corcovado-Mountain Credit

Wouldn't you rather stay home napping, bored out of your mind than enduring a 4-hour tour that starts with you riding the cog train up the breathtaking Corcovado mountainside all the way through the equally impressive Tijuca Rainforest? It seems like an awful lot of work to get to see an incredible God-size statue of Christ and the most jaw-dropping panoramic view of Rio De Janeiro. Of course, we're being uber sarcastic.

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