People Claim They've
Actually SEEN These
Creatures Around The World

Zombies, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons … most of them sound like recurring villains on the CW show Supernatural. Some people claim that they've actually seen these otherworldly creatures and swear by their existence. But the inner-Scully in us is still very skeptical about it!


Eloko-mythical-creature-jungle Credit

It's said that deep in the Congolese jungle you'll find the Eloko, a bunch of dwarfs covered in grass that cast a spell over humans using magical bells before eating them. Some claim they are the angry ghosts of those who lived in the jungle. But have you ever heard of a hungry ghost?


Chupacabra-Puerto-Rican-legend-mythical-creature Credit

In 1995, a series of animal attacks in Puerto Rico left the island baffled. It seemed that farm animals were being drained of their blood by some sort of demonic creature that left its victims with three puncture wounds in the chest. To date there are over 150 reported Chupacabra related deaths but no actual evidence that the creature exists. Skeptics believe it may be cult related.

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