These Documentaries Will
Make You Question The Whole

Documentaries often show us the ugly truth about industries, governments and social aspects that we often shy away from because of ignorance or flat out skepticism. These documentaries portray everything from the shocking to the horrifying and the unimaginable. And some might change the way you see the world.


Aokigahara-Forest-suicide-documentary Credit

The Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mount Fuji is a suicide hotspot. In the documentary, a geologist goes looking for those who have hung themselves and other depressed souls who are searching for the perfect place to end their lives. This documentary of sheer human desperation is bleak, tragic and disturbing.

The Iceman Tapes

The-Iceman-Tapes-documentary-killer Credit

A series of interviews of Richard Kuklinski, aka Iceman, gives us a horrifying insight into the disturbed and violent mind of this serial killer. We get to hear some intricate details about the atrocities he committed and what motivated him to do it. If you didn't believe that pure unadulterated evil existed, you certainly will after you watch this documentary.

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