These Epic Grandmas Prove
That Getting Old Is Only

Who says you have to slow down as you age? These grandmothers laughed in the face of traditional stereotypes and proved to the world that they're bigger badasses than all of us combined.

Biker Grams

grandmother-riding-motorcycle-biker-dudes Credit

You're never too old to be a biker chick! Just ask this grandmother who managed to win the heart of a sexy biker who was more than happy to offer her a ride. Hang on to his leather jacket granny! It's going to be the ride of your life.

Grams At The Gym

grandmother-stress-ball-sitting-gym-drinking-alcohol Credit

She's at the gym with a drink in one hand and a stress ball in the other. This grandmother laughs in the face of traditional exercising. Now that's the kind of workout that we'd like to sign up for.

Indoor Sunglasses

grandmother-wearing-sunglasses-indoors-smoking-drinking Credit

This grandmother is making a fashion statement and proving to everyone that she's the ultimate rebel. Not only is she drinking and smoking at her age but she's also wearing sunglasses … indoors.

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