These Gifts Make Long
Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships suck. But there are a few things that make them bearable like the comfort of knowing that the sacrifice of being apart is for a good reason and that eventually it will all be worth it. It's just a matter of time. Meanwhile, you can give each other the perfect gift to make the distance seem a whole lot shorter.

Keychains With Coordinates

keychain-coordinates-long-distance-relationship Credit

These lightweight solid aluminum keychains can be customized with the latitude and longitude of where the love of your life is currently living in or the coordinates of the place where you had your first date. So if you ever get lost all you'll have to do is follow the coordinates on your keychain to find your way back to your true love.

THE U.S. Map Pillow

US-map-pillow-two-hearts Credit

This pillow shows the location that you and your special someone are in on a U.S. map. It's not exactly like having them next to you when you go to sleep but the symbolic gift is the next best thing. Oh and you can add a personal message on it as well. So when they miss you they can look at the message, hug the pillow and cry with longing.

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