This Beauty Blogger Brings
Horror To Life With
Incredible Body Paintings

Beauty blogger and makeup artist Andrea De La Ossa has used her entire self as a canvas for some of the creepiest, yet all too realistic makeup looks ever and they will horrify you to the core. Some of them you might even recognize from your favorite B-movies from the 80s.

Robotic Face Off

face-off-makeup-artist-creative Credit

It looks like she's literally taking her face off. But what's hiding under that mask? Her artistic skills are simply mind blowing. She could really pull off a career in Hollywood.

The Bride Of Frankenstein

creepy-body-art-stitches-chest-neck-face Credit

Poor Andrea! This must have been a grueling job. But the painstaking details are amazing. The stitches on her chest, neck and face make her the perfect bride of Frankenstein. Of course, she could also pass off as a victim at a morgue and this would make a killer Halloween costume as well. Ladies, take note!


creepy-body-art-woman-slashed-across-face Credit

This is amazing and would make your friends quiver in pain. We don't know how she pulled off this illusion that gives her slashed face such a gruesome appearance but she's really good at this whole body art thing. Someone took the expression 'killing it' to a whole new level!

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