The 10 Greatest NBA Players
Who Never Won An NBA

An athlete's greatness and legacy is often defined by the amount of championships they've won. There is no better measure for success than winning. Here are the 10 greatest NBA players who wore unable to ever win that prestigious and elusive Larry O'Brien Trophy.

10. Kevin Durant


MVP Award. 6x NBA All-Star. 5x All-NBA Team. Rookie of the Year. I know Kevin Durant is still in the prime of his career and has plenty of time to win a Championship but with all of the numbers he's put up and the awards he's won, it's a bit odd that we don't ridicule Durant more for having never won a title. LeBron James has been criticized for his success in the postseason since his rookie season. At the very least, Kevin Durant needs another appearance in the finals.

9. Pete Maravich

pete maravichCredit

5x NBA All-Star. 2x All-NBA First Team. Pete Maravich may be the best shooter and the best ball handler in NBA history. He was shooting from way behind the 3-point line long before there even was a 3-point line. He had complete control over the basketball. It's truly a shame that Maravich was unable to secure a title.

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