10 Free Instagram Marketing
Hacks To Land THOUSANDS Of

One of the best ways to engage potential consumers is through Instagram. But how do you make your product go viral? Here are 10 marketing techniques that will boost the number of followers astronomically and best of all ... it won't cost you a thing!

Building A Community

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Follow Instagram accounts that relate to the same vision that you and your account follows and engage them with comments and by hitting "like" on their posts. But make sure that your comments are thoughtful and friendly. This will eventually earn you some quality followers of your own.


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Look for about 15 hashtags that are trending right now but make sure that they relate to the things you post. Plus, you have to make sure that you don't overwhelm your captions with a gazillion hashtags. This makes you look like you're desperate for attention and it may discourage the online community from following you.

HQ Photos

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Followers go to Instagram accounts for the photos, not the captions. So make sure that you use a phone with high quality camera capabilities and a photo editing app like Snapseed or Afterlight to ensure that the photos you upload look their absolute best!

Cut Down On The Captions

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Should you add captions to your photos? Yes, absolutely! But while Instagram's character limits aren't too restrictive, you also don't want to turn your captions into a novel. So make it short and to the point. A caption that's too wordy and jumbled can distract the audience from what is important.

Stay Focused

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If your Instagram page was meant to talk about your product, make sure you only post photos that relate to that. Otherwise your followers will be confused when they think they're following a business that talks about beachwear for example, and you suddenly post a random video of someone doing handstands in your backyard. Consistency is virtual gold.

Consistency Is Key

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Be consistent with your posts and the quality of the content. Also, keep what you post interesting and that includes the photo and caption. Your followers will come to expect great things from you, so don't let them down.

Be Friendly

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Listen to your followers (so to speak). Read their comments and respond to any questions they have. Oh and don't forget to say thank you. Your followers will appreciate your friendly, outgoing attitude and it will attract others to your Instagram page by word of mouth.

Contact Information

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Giving someone the ability to reach out to you is important, especially when your Instagram is business related and not personal. So make sure to include a small bio of who you are or what your brand represents and include an e-mail or Twitter page where they can reach out to you.

Post Daily

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You shouldn't overdo it but under doing it can be just as bad. Post on Instagram once or twice a day at the max so that your followers know that they have something to look forward to everyday. You should also test to see what time of the day or evening your posts are likely to attract more traffic.

Don't Over Post

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Instagram is not Facebook. So don't start posting so many things at one time that it clutters a person's photo feed. Otherwise your followers start to feel overwhelmed and eventually lose interest and unsubscribe from your Instagram account.