10 Odd Jobs That Will Earn
You Good MONEY But You'll
Have To Do Some Pretty
Craaaazy Things!

You automatically assume that you have to work for some major Fortune 500 corporation to earn lots of cash. But guess what? That's not necessarily true. Here are 10 jobs you can do that will let you make some decent amount of money by doing some rather unusual things to earn it.

Fortune Cookie Writer


If you have a talent for writing quotes that have a deep meaning or a philosophical connotation to them, then you can try to slip in your work to some of the companies in charge of producing fortune cookie quotes. You'll earn anywhere from $28,000 to $75,000. But writing is not easy, as you have to come up with short, sweet and extremely creative sentences.

Dog Food Taster

woman-dog-tug-o-war-pet-treat Credit

Do you ever wonder why dog food commercials claim their products taste great when they can't exactly ask a dog for their opinion? It's because it's actually humans that taste the food and rate the consistency and taste. So if you want to earn $40,000 annually, then this is the job for you. We are warning you though, the job might be a bit ruff.

Sex Therapist

bereavement-coordinator-grief-counseling Credit

Well of course this isn't the job for everyone, but some people go through bad sexual experiences and have issues that not actually physical. So a sex therapist can help them unravel the psychological obstacles that are not allowing them to enjoy or have sex. Sex therapists earn between $45.000 a year to $85.000 depending on how much they charge.

Roadkill Cleaner

bird-road-kill-truck-driving-by Credit

When someone hits a deer with their car, someone has to clean that gruesome mess off the road. That's where roadkill cleaners come in. You can earn anywhere from $20,000 to $70,000 scraping off roadkill from the pavement so that those roads are clear but you'll have be on call 24/7. Bummer!

Furniture Testers

man-laying-oddly-couch-furniture-tester Credit

Some of us already do this for free. But now you can earn $31,000 annually just by sitting on furniture or laying down on them to provide the manufacturer with feedback on the level of comfort and just what they need to improve upon to make the furniture even better.

Horse Exerciser

man-walking-with-white-horse Credit

Horses need to warm up before a race and they also need to stay in shape. That's where you come in. For $52,000 a year, you get to take horses on exercise runs to keep them fit. You're also in charge of checking to see if the horse is moody or sick before they begin a race.

Professional Hot Guy Tear Wiper

man-cuddling-with-another-guy-teddy-bear Credit

Forget McD's, BK, Wendy's or Starbucks! You can earn yourself $60 an hour just by being hot, living in Japan, and going to random depressed women's offices and houses and wipe out their tears! Just join the Japanese company Ikemeso and get read to not only comfort crying women, but also make them cry before you do so. Wow!

IMAX Cleaner

IMAX-screen-cleaner-odd-job Credit

If you want to earn $45,000 a year then become an IMAX cleaner. You'll be responsible for cleaning the mega amount of dust those gigantic screens attract daily and it's a lot better than cleaning gum from chairs and floors in the theater.

Water Slide Tester

water-slide-tester-clipboard Credit

Do you love water slides? Are you a thrill seeker? Do you want to earn $34,000 a year simply by having fun? Then become a water slide tester. You get to test a bunch of awesome, adrenaline pumping slides to ensure that they're safe for kids and grown-ups.

Sex Toy Testers

woman-orgasm-ecstasy-bed Credit

You can earn $39,000 while working at home and doing something that will LITERALLY make you feel good. But you'll have to jot down the pros and cons of each toy to see if it's a hit or miss. Either way it sounds like a lot of fun.