10 Things Sports Fans Say
That Often Mean Something
TOTALLY Different! Really

Sports fans are so passionate that over time they've developed a language of their own that distorts, disguises or reverses the meaning of their words. Here are 9 common phrases that are the epitome of doublespeak.

1.These Refs Are Screwing Us Over

sports-fan-charges-angrily-official Credit

Basically when all else fails, sports fans will find someone to blame for their team's losing streak. And we all love to collectively blame the poor old refs!

2. I Could Go Out There And Play Better!

Redskins-fan-screaming-angry Credit

Translation: Never in my life have I played this sport ever … not even in high school and would probably do a lot worse than the professional sports players are right now but I'm just so angry I'm going to act like I know anything about sports.

3.They Need To Give "So-And-So" A Chance To Play

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Often when a team is failing, sports fans will see a player who has been sidelined and wish that they were put back in the game while a not-so awesome player gets taken out. The truth is, we're not coaches, so we truly don't know if that player would be better. Let's be honest!

4.He's The Worst

hockey-fan-giving-two-thumbs-down Credit

No matter how well a star player has done in the past, if they make one little mistake, some fans are not likely going to forget it either. But we often forget that even the best of us can have a really crappy day.

5.Tom Brady Is The Great Quarterback Ever

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Regardless of whether you're rooting for Brady or anyone else, winning or losing is based on the entire team's actions and not the work of a single individual. But don't tell that to a sports fan who has placed a single player on the top of a pedestal.

6.The Sports Gods Were Not On Our Side Today

Brazilian-fan-woman-angry-over-loss Credit

The team lost because some sports God decided to turn his back on your team ... supposedly. Had he actually supported your team it wouldn't have mattered how good or bad your team was, you would have won. Yeah. No! It doesn't happen like that.

7.We Won!

football-sports-fans-cheering-happy Credit

Fans commonly use the word "we" to reflect that their favorite sports team has won. We get it! We do it too. But none of us actually "won" those games by sitting down on our couches and watching the game while drinking a beer.

8.Who's We?

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Ironically, when their team suffers a major defeat, sports fans will automatically switch from "we" to "they" as in "they lost" instead of "we lost". It's kind of like when you do something good your dad says, "that's my boy" and when you mess up he tells your mom, "you son did that."

9.To Live Is To Suffer

Kentucky-fan-crying-lifts-glasses-up Credit

Win or lose, the whole experience is shared collectively among the fans. So naturally when a team hasn't won in several seasons, they'll express the pain and the number of decades they've invested in a team that has yet to score a serious victory.