11 Deal Breakers That Will
NEVER Help You Land a
Second Date

Most of us have had bad relationships end before they've even started mainly because the other person had some nasty habits that we wished we'd known before trying to go steady with them. Here are 11 things that people should be legally obligated to disclose before going out with someone.

Having A Myspace Profile

Myspace-man-holding-address-photo Credit

Myspace? Are you kidding? Is that social media network still relevant in 2016? No. It isn't and if you're dating someone that still thinks Myspace is cool then maybe you should rethink this whole long-term thing.

Useless Hashtags

stupid-social-media-hashtags Credit

Everyone has the right to type whatever they want on social media. But when the person you're with inundates Facebook with stupid, pointless hashtags to attract more followers you just have to rethink if this #whole #relationship #is #worth #it. Get it?

 Kissing Their Pet On The Mouth

dog-licking-man-mouth Credit

Everyone loves pets. But would you really want someone you're dating to kiss their dog or their cat on the lips and then have them greet you with a kiss too? You better think long and hard before smooching someone who is so down with having kitty and doggy germs all over their lips.

Saying MMM And Being Waaay Too Oral

Homer-says-mmm-while-eating Credit

The other kind of oral, of course. People should be expressive, it's a beautiful thing. But it really is a turn off when someone gets a bit too oral and starts mumbling or going "mmm", "aaahhh", and "yess" which sounds more like they're enjoying their food a biiit more than the rest of us. Keep it cute or keep it on mute.


mamas-boy-grown-man-mother Credit

A grown man should not be calling his mother "mommy" no matter how much he loves her unless he's under the age of 10, in which case dating would be out of the question. If "mommy" is his first love then you'll always come in second.

Clapping When the Plane Lands

guy-clapping-spiky-hair-black-shirt Credit

Embarrassing much? Who wants to sit next to someone that claps when the plane lands? It's almost like you're telling the flight crew that you had no faith in them landing the plane safely until now. Plus everyone will stare at you for the wrong reasons.

Picking Their Nose

man-nose-picking-buggers Credit

We've all done it but we've always tried being a little more conspicuous than most. The last thing you want is a date that's picking his brains out through his nose in public! That's just humiliating especially if he's meeting your friends and family for the first time.

Kissing With Their Eyes Open

Borg-Queen-Data-kiss-eyes-open Credit

You know who kisses with their eyes open? Shady, untrustworthy people. If the person you're dating does this, chances are you'll likely get your heart broken at some point.

Eating Their Fries First

man-eating-fries-handful Credit

Okay! This is a pet peeve of some of us but we cannot understand why someone would want to eat all of their French fries before they've even touched the burger on their plate. It's a side dish, not the main course, so side-dishers out there, we want to understand. Help us understand!

The Chronic Food Hater

grossed-out-guy-hand-up Credit

Don't you just hate it when you offer them some of your salmon, veal, lasagna, cheesecake or whatever else you love from your plate and they just wave their hands, look at you with disgust and say "Oh, I hate that!", even though they've never tried it? Take a bite and THEN decide if you like it!