11 Photos That Prove
Humanity Is Nothing But A
Disappointing FAILURE! (But
#7 is Sheer LAZINESS!)

As time marches on, humanity seems to be heading even further down a steep slope towards epic failure. Don't believe us? Take a look at these 11 pics! They'll totally convinced you that our society is royally screwed.

#1.Shame On You Animal Hunters

hunters-shame-killing-animal-go-store Credit

Just where do you think the meat in supermarkets comes from? This animal rights activist wanted to shame hunters for murdering innocent defenseless animals but ended up sounding like he or she was two points below Forrest Gump's IQ with this hilarious ad.

#2.The Trash Can Shelf

person-leaves-hat-phone-keys-top-trash-can Credit

Someone turned the trash can lid into a makeshift shelf for their phone, keys and hat while they made coffee in the breakroom. This person is either a genius or a complete inconsiderate prick.

#3.The Cake Decorator Fail

happy-birthday-both-cake-decorator-fail Credit

They either didn't understand the instructions, took them too literal or they simply don't give a flying fudgsicle stick about their job anymore. Whoever bought these must have had a good laugh … at first.

#4.The Kit-Kat Monster

Kit-Kat-bar-huge-bite Credit

There's a reason why the song goes, "Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat bar!" You're supposed to eat your Kit-Kat a bar at a time, not crunch down on it like Cookie Monster on a Chocolate Chip cookie. This photo makes our heart cry!

#5.The Dumbest Question Ever

18-months-twins-born-question Credit

Legally Blonde over here assumed that because it takes 9 months to have one baby that it might take 18 months if you're having twins. But of course she had to ask to be sure. This is what public school education gets you.

#6.The UPS Man Who Didn't Care

UPS-man-leaves-notice-instead-knocking-door Credit

He either knocked real hard and the homeowners still couldn't hear or he just didn't care, slapped the UPS notification over the note they placed just for him and left. Now that's what we call quality service … NOT!

#7.The Milk That Was Left Out

gallon-milk-outside-refrigerated-section-supermarket Credit

Someone changed their mind at the last minute and decided to leave the gallon of milk behind. But at the very least they could have returned it to the refrigerated section where they got it from so that it wouldn't spoil! What a waste!

#8.The Purse In The High Chair

woman-restaurant-high-chair-purse Credit

This is such a Carrie Bradshaw thing to do. Instead of putting her purse next to her she asked for a high chair. I guess from her perspective, her purse was her baby.

#9.Tortoises Can't Swim!

kid-threw-tortoise-water-cannot-swim Credit

This kid thought he was doing the right thing by tossing the turtle back in the water. Too bad he didn't know that this was a tortoise, which can't swim. Poor kid will probably be scarred for life and hopefully the tortoise didn't suffer.

#10.I Want To Be A Kardashian

Kardashian-when-grow-up-t-shirt Credit

I would totally lose respect for anyone who bought this shirt. On the other hand I totally get it. They're beautiful, rich and famous. But there's just way too much scandal in that family and not a whole lot of privacy courtesy of the tabloids and the paparazzi. No thank you!

#11.The Fun Shoot

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-fun-shoot Credit

They're not talking about photo shoots here! It's a gun range and they're using Martin Luther King Jr.'s face on their poster ad! Seriously? The civil rights leader was killed by a bullet! Didn't they see anything wrong with this????