11 Weird And Unexplained
Things That Can Only Happen

NYC subways are about as crowded as the city itself. You'll find cultural diversity, tourism, niceness, rudeness and the weird and unexplained all cramped inside one tiny subway cart! Here are 11 of the strangest things we've seen so far. But it can always get worse!

Packed With Balloons

NYC-subway-full-balloons-inside Credit

During rush hour, it's virtually impossible to slither inside a subway cart full of people. But on rare occasions this happens and you'll find yourself being late for work. Try to explain to your boss or teacher that you couldn't make it on time because the subway was full of balloons! That's got to be a new one.

Cosplay Frenzy

NYC-subway-cosplay-people-dressed-weird-costumes Credit

Where else can you find people dressed as characters from Sesame Street and Harley Quinn? Only in NYC. These folks were probably headed to the annual NYC Comic Con which brings out all sorts of interesting fictional characters to life.

A Subway Thanksgiving

NYC-subway-woman-eating-giant-meal Credit

This woman is actually carving a turkey while riding the subway! The guy on the left looks really hungry and the one on the right seems to be thinking, "Guuuurl! Calories! Calories!" Why is this even happening?

No Pants Subway Ride

NYC-no-pants-subway Credit

Every January, New Yorkers celebrate the No Pants Subway Event. It's the only time of the year where pants are optional and you can show off your unique underwear without ending up behind bars!

Indoor Umbrella

woman-subway-holding-umbrella Credit

This lady is insane if she thinks that it's raining inside the subway cart! I've heard of people using umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. But damn! If the lights inside the subway are that bright for you then you must have some pretty sensitive eyes!

Hanging Out

gymnast-dangling-from-subway-handle-bars Credit

This gymnast (we assume) decided that the best way to read while riding the subway is by hanging from the ceiling using the handrails. That's one way to relax when you walk into a subway cart and can't find a seat.

Park That Crack

NYC-subway-woman-sticks-butt-crack-in-pole Credit

Ugh! This is why you need to bring some hand sanitizer with you. That way you can use some after you get off the subway. You never know when someone might have used one of the handrails to park their butt crack!

Nap Time

man-falls-asleep-someone-else-subway Credit

Most subway riders either fall asleep on the way to work or on their way home. But you'd be surprised at how close and personal some folks will get when they doze off. But some people just go with the flow and let themselves be used as a pillow.

The Longest Wait Time Ever

subway-longest-wait-time-ever Credit

Sometimes, the weirdest thing that can happen to you isn't once you're inside the train but while waiting. It's not uncommon to wait 20, 30 and in some cases 62 minutes for a train. But 1,534 minutes? Are you kidding?

Petting A Python

subway-man-petting-python Credit

You'll find all kinds of weird things when you walk into a subway. Like this guy who's taking a python out of his gym bag and petting it like it's "bring your snake to work day".

A Dead Baby Shark

subway-man-dead-baby-shark-floor Credit

Before NYU student Brandon Sanchez took a photo of himself holding it, this baby shark was found on a roller-coaster by Chris Landros who planned to take it home with him but ended up leaving it on the subway. The baby shark was originally found by a bunch of kids at a beach.