5 Reasons Why Mike Tyson
Would Be An Amazing Jedi

Mike Tyson is the most electrifying and talked about boxer ever. Star Wars is the most beloved movie franchise of all time. What if these two worlds collided? What if Mike Tyson had the ability to become a Jedi? Answer: He would be a Jedi Master and would be as dominate with a lightsaber as he is with boxing gloves. Here are 5 reasons why Mike Tyson would be an amazing Jedi.

1. Fighting Prowess


Mike Tyson's raw talent and ability to fight is unprecedented. Tyson may be the most naturally gifted athlete in history. Whether he's fighting with his bare hands or he's wielding a lightsaber, there is no doubt in my mind that Tyson's fighting prowess would be tops among the Jedi council. Not since Anakin Skywalker have we seen someone possess such raw potential. When it comes to the fighting aspect of being a Jedi, Mike Tyson would be the best.

2. Man of the People


There's more to being a Jedi than just fighting. Jedi's are also responsible for being diplomats for the Republic. Sure, Jedi's are knights first and foremost but a lot of their influence is demonstrated off of the battlefield. When having to negotiate with senators, who would you want to send out there more than the lovable and smiling Mike Tyson. Watch any Mike Tyson interview and you'll realize that he is far more funny and likable than you imagined.

3. Hand-Eye Coordination


Mike Tyson is highly acclaimed for his power and ability to knock everyone out but he wasn't a one-trick pony. Tyson's defense is why he won the Heavyweight belt. He could absolutely embarrass opponents by ducking and dodging all of their weak punches. His hand-eye coordination is off the charts. Well put a lightsaber in his hands and he could destroy a room full a droids in seconds. Not only would he devastate with a lightsaber, with his excellent hand-eye coordination he'd be the best fighter pilot in the galaxy. Any space fight you need won, you just send Tyson up there to secure a victory.

4. Wisdom


Mike Tyson has come a long way in his career and he's overcome a lot of adversity. He can now look back on his career and his life with great wisdom. He has been through it all and he's seen it all. Mike Tyson's autobiography, 'Undisputed Truth', is a masterful reflection of a mature man understanding the mistakes of his past and he deals out valuable life lessons. I could see Mike Tyson advising young Jedi and playing a Yoda-like role. He could even be a blue ghost like Yoda and Ben Kenobi were and guide Luke Skywalker on his quest. Well Yoda and Kenobi were kind of awful and they fed Luke riddles and half-truths. Mike Tyson might be the only reliable source of information in the whole Jedi order.

5. Force of Will


At the end of the day, Mike Tyson is a straight up warrior. From the beginning of his career to now, Tyson has always demonstrate a strong force of will. In regards to training with legendary boxing manager, Cus D'Amato, Tyson had this to say:

Cus was a strong believer that in your mind you had to be the entity you wanted to be. If you wanted to be heavyweight champion of the world, you had to start living the life of a heavyweight champion…Always training, thinking like a Roman gladiator, being in a perpetual state of war in your mind, yet on the outside seeming calm and relaxed. He was practicing and teaching me the law of attraction without even knowing it

Mike Tyson was basically trained to become a Jedi. If any real life human could actually use 'The Force', it would be Mike Tyson. I wouldn't at all be surprised if he actually could use the force. He's probably sitting at home right now just force lifting his remote control across the room. The more I think about it, the more I'm certain that Mike Tyson truly is a Jedi already.