6 Stories Of Sole Plane
Crash Survivors Who Are
Damn Lucky To Be Alive

When we hear about plane crashes on the news, we automatically fear the worst. No matter how hard rescue crews try, they might not even find a single soul. Surviving is rare, but these 6 incredible people happened to be the lone survivors of an otherwise tragic plane crash.

George Lamson, Jr.

George-Lamson-Jr-sole-survivor-plane-crash Credit

17-year-old George Lamson Jr., was in for the flight of his life in 1985 when the ring wing of the plane he was on dipped and made a wrong turn, causing the plane to shutter and descend towards its destruction. Lamson pulled his knees to his chest and upon impact, his seat seemingly ejected itself from the fuselage. He landed in the middle of the highway, unbuckled his seatbelt and took cover as the plane exploded. 70 people died but Lamson miraculously survived.

Erika Delgado

Maria-La-Baja-Bogota-Colombia Credit

The cries of 9-year-old Erika Delgado were heard in Maria La Baja, 500 miles NW of Bogota after the plane carrying 51 passengers and crew, including her parents and brother, crashed on Jan. 13th, 1995. No one knows what happened but it seemed like the pilot attempted to make an emergency landing but struck a field, causing the plane to explode. What was left of it ended up in a lagoon along with its sole surviving passenger.

Juliane Koepcke

Juliane-Koepcke-sole-survivor-plane-crash Credit

Koepcke was the sole survivor of a crash in Puerto Inca, Peru on December 24th, 1971. The plane was caught in a storm 21,000 feet in the air when lightning struck. One of the wings came off as the flight crew tried leveling their descent. Koepcke, who was 17 at the time, survived and wandered the jungle for 9 days. Then she found a canoe which led her to a shelter. She was eventually found by lumberjack men who took her to a lumber station where she was then airlifted to a hospital.

James Polehinke

James-Polehinke-plane-crash-survivor Credit

On August 27th, 2006, flight captain Jeffrey Clay used Runway 22 instead of Runway 26 to take off. Since Runway 22 was too short, the plane was overrun before it could take off. 47 passengers and two fight crews were killed as the plane crashed into the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky. But James Polehinke survived. However, he suffered some serious injuries, including several broken bones and brain damage which left him unable to recollect how the crash happened.

First Lieutenant Martin Farkas

Martin-Farkas-Slovak-Air-Force-sole-survivor-crash Credit

Due to pilot error, this aircraft carrying Slovak peacekeepers hit the top of some trees, caught fire and crashed in the forest near Hejce and Telkibanya in Hungary on January 19th, 2006. Farkas miraculously survived because he was in the restroom when the plane crashed. He suffered lung injuries and brain swelling but after being placed in a medically induced coma, his condition was stabilized.

Nestor Mata

Nestor-Mata-Philippines-sole-survivor Credit

In 1967, a reporter for the Philippine Herald was the only one to survive a crash carrying the Philippines 7th president and several high ranking officials. Eyewitnesses claimed that the plane was unable to achieve a high enough altitude and crashed into the Balamban mountain ranges. Villagers heard Mata shouting, rescued him, placed him on a hammock and carried him for 18 hours to the Southern Island Hospital in Cebu.