7 Crazy HEADLINES That

Florida is known for their reptiles, citrus farming, tourism (Disney … HELLO!) and of course some of the most insane news stories ever. Here are 7 of them that will leave you absolutely baffled and might make you want to visit Florida just to see if you can ever encounter such entertaining folks!

 Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Her Privates

Megan-Barnes-woman-arrested-crashed-shaving-pubes Credit

On March 2nd, 2014, 37-year old Megan Barnes attempted to multi-task by shaving her pubes while driving. Unfortunately, she didn't do either too well and crashed in the back of an SUV while heading south on the Overseas Highway. In fairness, she was heading to Key West to meet her boyfriend and was probably just trying to look nice for him.

Zombie Attacks At A Florida Nudist Resort

Kevin-Fearn-Manatee-county-zombie-nudist-resort Credit

Kevin Andrew Fearn who was dressed as a zombie and his brother-in-law Reynaldo Reyno who was dressed as the grim reaper were arrested in Manatee County after they attacked 71-year-old security guard at the nudist resort Caliente Nightclub in Land O'Lakes, Florida. The guard had simply escorted Fearn out because a woman complained he touched her inappropriately.

Marie Seymour Stabbed Boyfriend Who Threatened Her Pet

Marie-Seymour-Lake-Park-Florida-stabbed-boyfriend-turtle-threat Credit

53-year-old Marie Seymour from Lake Park, Florida allegedly stabbed her boyfriend when he threatened her pet turtle. They had both been drinking when this happened (which is almost always the case) and claims she used her paring knife in self defense. We wonder if the turtle is going to help her pay her bail.

Woman Punches Victim Who Got Her Wet At The Beach

Heather-Roland-Naples-Fl-punched-woman-beach Credit

35-year old Heather Roland from Naples, Florida must have thought she was the wicked witch of the west because she punched a woman who accidentally got her wet while rinsing off a chair at a public shower … AT THE BEACH! Then she told her, "if it happens again you will have a knife in your face." Wow. We would love to have you as a neighbor, lady!

Guy Wears 'Who Needs Drugs?' Shirt, Gets Arrested For Having Drugs

John-Balmer-who-needs-drugs-t-shirt Credit

50-year-old John Balmer was waiting in line at K-Mart when a cop walked in. Balmer was wearing a t-shirt that read "Who needs drugs?" and he actually had some! So he tried handing a bag of pot and meth to the customer behind him to hide them but they refused. So he placed the bag on the floor and as he paid for his items, a store employee alerted the Pasco County cops and Balmer was arrested.

 Man Says Cocaine In His Buttocks Isn't His

Raymond-Stanley-Roberts-cocaine-up-butt Credit

Raymond Stanley Roberts was pulled over in Manatee County for a routine traffic stop. The officer smelled pot so he and another deputy searched the vehicle. They also searched Roberts and discovered 4.5 grams of pot and 27 pieces of rock cocaine in a plastic bag inside his butt. Roberts claimed that the cocaine wasn't his. So ... Mr. Roberts, you just tripped and fell over a bag of drugs? That happens all the time!

Florida Man Spreads Dead Fiancee's Ashes At LensCrafters


A Sarasota man sprinkled the ashes of his dead Fiancee whom he claimed had a connection to the LensCrafters in Westfield Southgate Mall. The mall was shut down for two hours after employees called authorities.When Hazmat crews determined that the substance was not a threat, the mall re-opened and the unidentified man was arrested but no charges were filed and he was released.