7 Political Parties You
Won't Believe ACTUALLY

When you have a donkey and an elephant as mascots for two major political parties like the Democrats and the Republicans, plus Trump running for president, you simply think to yourself, "it can't get any weirder". But here are 7 other political parties from around the world that will leave you stunned.

The Deadly Serious Party Of Australia

Australia-Deadly-Serious-Party Credit

This political party was a joke … literally! It only existed for a short period of time in the 80s out of fear that an Argentine invasion was imminent. So this party proposed that they send an army of killer penguins to the coast to protect Australia from a potential Argentine attack. But by 88, the lack of members forced the party to disband.

Independent Royalist Party Of Estonia

Estonia-flag-massive-crowd Credit

This political party was well known for grabbing people's attentions with protests like hunger strikes. Long believed to have influenced Estonia's political decisions for 2 decades, the party proposed that Prince Edward become King of Estonia. Unfortunately the Prince declined and by 1995 the party slowly faded from existence … or did they?

 Coordinadora Reusenca Independent

Coordinadora-Reusenca-Independent-Catalonian-party Credit

This Catalonian political party was founded in 2003 and is led by Ariel Santamaria who often shows up looking like Elvis Presley. The party's philosophy is seeded in the grotesque or ridiculous which is why they call themselves Juantxism. The party won a seat on the Reus city council where they proposed a sexodrome in the city where people could engage in orgies and drink the night away.

Official Monster Raving Loony Party

Official-Monster-Raving-Loony-Party Credit

In 1983, a musician by the stage name Screaming Lord Sutch established this party in the UK with the tagline, "Vote for insanity: You know it makes sense." Some of the unusual proposals included creating 8 million jobs by turning the UK into a giant fun park. Ironically, party members (some of whom eventually became mayors) managed to legalize passports for pets and allow 18-year-old's to vote.

Die Partei

Die-Partei-political-party Credit

Founded in 2004 in Germany, this sardonic political party often imitated the Nazi and communist parties of East Germany. In 2014, they campaigned to have the Berlin Wall rebuilt. Eventually they moved on to trying to get rid of daylight savings time but continue to set the clock back for that extra hour of sleep. Some of the proposals, like the cucumber-curvature law, which they want to see brought back but modified to apply to weapons, seemed insane!

Pirate Party Of Sweden

Pirate-Party-Sweden-political Credit

Until 2006, no party had ever addressed concerns over copyright, privacy and other internet related issues. By 2009, the Pirate Party of Sweden won its first seat and eventually one more seat in the European Parliament elections after the Lisbon Treaty ratification that same year.

Polish Beer Lovers' Party

Polish-Beer-Political-Party Credit

It was officially registered in 1990 as a joke. But members began holding discussions in pubs and soon topics like standard of living, intellectual tolerance and freedom of expression got serious attention. By 91, they won 16 seats in the Polish Parliament's lower house. But it fell out of popularity by 92 after a series of name changes.