8 Athletes That Define
PERFECTION! (Be Careful,
These Are Not For The Faint
of Heart)

From soccer to tennis to the NFL to baseball and more, there are some pretty sexy devils who could totally pass off as models. Here are 8 of them, but be careful, you may fall in love and it won't be reciprocal. 

Bobby Brown


The 24 year-old Armenian freestyle skier takes our breath away with his triple cork and triple flip moves. He has competed in the 2014 Olympics and could quite likely pass off as a long lost Hemsworth brother.

Cristiano Ronaldo


The Portuguese hunk plays for the Spanish Club Real Madrid and the Portuguese national football team makes hearts swoon as he makes his way across the soccer field.

Lindsey Vonn


Vonn has made quite an impression on the ice and in our hearts by winning four World Cup Championships in Alpine skiing. She also won two Olympic gold medals in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Yoann Gourcuff


Had this French international soccer player not decided to lead a life of sports, playing for the Rennes, he could have been in movies. There's certainly a Man of Steel look to his face that we'd love to see on the big screen.

Ignazio Abate


The almost 30-year-old Italian soccer player is able to sprint quickly across the field. Not only is he known for his speed but also for his adorable looks. He can sprint over to all of our houses any time he wants.

Sloane Stephens


Stephens managed to eviscerate tennis champion Serena Williams on the tennis court and made it to the 2013 Australian Open semifinals. This South Floridian tennis champ can actually boast that she beat one of her tennis idols.

J.J. Redick


The pro basketball player started out playing for the Orlando Magic in 2006 and now currently plays for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers. He graces his admirers with some awesome jumps and moves across the court which is why we love him.

Eric Decker


He began playing professional football in 2010 and has since earned several endorsement deals from big names like Muscle Pharm and Ruffles. Decker's chiseled jawline and charismatic personality makes him one of the sexiest players in NFL history.