8 Monsters Who Tricked The
System And Got Away With

If you thought that the justice system works reasonably well, guess again. Innocent people are often put away for a crime they didn't commit while a questionable judge or jury lets a killer get away with murder.

Isaac Turnbaugh

Isaac-Turnbaugh-double-jeopardy-law-murderer Credit

Turnbaugh was high as a kite when he confessed to murdering Declan Lyons. But given his state of mind and the fact that he claimed to be responsible for the 9/11 attacks, the jury thought he wasn't serious and he was acquitted. In 2011 he admitted to killing Lyons once again but the double jeopardy law applied and he couldn't be prosecuted for the crime twice.

Don King

Don-King-boxing-weird-hair-murderer Credit

The boxing promoter with the funny looking hairstyle shot Hillary Brown in the back but claimed it was self-defense and won. Then he was charged with the stomping death of Sam Garrett but got charged with non-negligent homicide and only served 3 years before being released. Was justice served?

Gonzalo Sanchez De Lozada

Gonzalo-Sanchez-De-Lozada-Bolivia Credit

The Bolivian businessman and politician served as president for 2 non-consecutive terms. But in 2003 he used his army to murder 67 men, women and children and left hundreds wounded. He fled to the U.S. where he has remained allegedly under the protection of the United States Government who claim he is innocent and has denied Bolivia's extradition requests.

Ronald Ebens And Michael Nitz

Vincent-Chin-justice-rally-murder-victim Credit

In 1982, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz clubbed Chinese-native Vincent Chin outside of a McDonald's in Detroit. The duo claimed that it was in anger for the Japanese stealing all of the manufacturing jobs. Again we remind you that Chin was Chinese. The pair paid a $3,000 fine and got 3 years probation. Unbelievable!

Al Capone

Al-Capone-Chicago-mob-boss Credit

Al Capone was a notorious mob boss in 1930s Chicago. But despite the police's best efforts, they couldn't pin him for any murders, including the Valentine's Day massacre where 7 members of Bugs Moran's gang died. Ultimately, he got arrested for tax evasion and ended up serving 7 years behind bars. He spent the final years of his life stricken with syphilis, which ultimately killed him.

Richard James Herrin

Bonnie-Garland-Richard-James-Herrin Credit

In 1977, Herrin admitted to beating his girlfriend Bonnie Garland to death with a hammer. He later claimed that it was society's fault that he was poor and had a hard life. The defense made the victim look like the bad guy by claiming she was planning on leaving him for another man. Although Herrin served 2 of his 3 sentences, the court ultimately approved his parole in 1995.

Casey Anthony

Casey-Anthony-smiling-court Credit

3-year-old Caylee went missing for 31 days before her body was discovered, which authorities found odd given that her mother Casey spent a lot of time entering hot body contests and partying the night away. Despite some serious hardcore evidence, including the stench of death in Casey's car, the jury found her not guilty.

Klaas Faber

Klaas-Faber-Dutch-Nazi-criminal-escaped Credit

In 1947, the Dutch Nazi was convicted of murdering as many as 50 people in the Westerbork transit camp during WWII. But he escaped 5 years later to Germany where a law Hitler passed years earlier stated that European Nazis were granted German citizenship. Since then, Faber continued to live out the remaining years of his life free of persecution despite the Dutch's attempt to extradite him.