9 Condom Horror Stories
That Got People Into Sticky

Condoms are a necessary evil. Most people hate them because they make sex a little less … pleasurable. Then again it's better than having a kid when you're not ready. But some people have had some embarrassing horror story which they've shared on Whisper and let's just say that the situation was extra sticky!

Condom Balloons

condom-wrapper-room-boyfriend-girlfriend-blowing-them-up-balloons Credit

It just goes to show you that even a good girl can get blamed for being naughty by her parents if the evidence is present. There's no way that this girl's mom believed that she and her boyfriend were using condoms as balloons.

Library Surprise

reading-book-library-used-condom Credit

I feel bad for the poor sap that goes to the library, checks out that book and opens it to find that used condom with human DNA in it. More than enough reasons to avoid the library for life.

Who Did It?

mom-dog-carrying-condom-living-room Credit

So we can't help but wonder how people reacted to this. Did they start asking everyone who it belonged to or was everyone too embarrassed? We would be!

The Nostalgic Condom User

used-condom-boyfriend-looked-my-children Credit

Damn! If he's that emotional about his sperm when they're swimming inside a condom, imagine what he'll be like when he's ready to become a dad. Now that is one sentimental dude.

The Worst Brother Ever

condoms-car-frozen-winter Credit

Seriously, this guy is the worst brother ever. If his brother gets fired or embarrassed, not sure which one would be worse, then it's totally his sibling's fault. Also note to self: Never wear a condom in the freezing winter cold ... particularly over a car.

Who Threw That?

used-condom-thrown-bedroom-window-landed-dad-car Credit

Ew … gross! Were you alone or were you with someone before you discarded that condom? We feel sorry for the poor neighbor that got blamed.

Color Coded Condoms

condoms-color-coded-organized Credit

Oh God! I would die. No one can handle their mom color coding condoms. Not only would that mean that she knows you're doing it but if any of the colors start to go missing she'll know when it happened. There's a little something called privacy Mom! Learn it!

Too Much Fun At Work

condom-wrapper-work-garage Credit

Clearly someone's having a lot more fun at work than you are. But they're probably sleeping with the boss or something. At least you have your dignity while they are probably the stars of an amateur porn tape thanks to those security cameras.

The Virgin Condom User

condom-wrappers-around-apartment Credit

The fact that he's not really getting any isn't the saddest thing about all of this. It's the fact that eventually he'll spend so many years doing it that he'll eventually start believing it himself.