9 Movie NUDE SCENES That
Made Our JAWS DROP (Great!
Now We Need Jaw Surgery,

Hollywood seems to have gotten riskier with their films over the last couple of decades and actors and actresses that you only fantasized about seeing naked actually took it all off to expose their sensual assets on the huge mother-freaking silver screen!

Kathy Bates Goes Nude

Kathy-Bates-About-Schmidt-nude Credit

The (then) 54-year-old Kathy Bates bared it all in "About Schmidt" when she took on the role of a free-spirited hippie who tried to seduce Jack Nicholson while taking a dip in a Jacuzzi. We love you Kathy but seeing you nude is like watching our mom taking her clothes off.

Milla Jovovich

Resident-Evil-Apocalypse-Milla-Jovovich Credit

Towards the end of Resident Evil Apocalypse, fans were shocked to see Milla Jovovich's character Alice revived inside Umbrella's research facility where she is totally nude from head to toe. Of course she also showed a lot of skin in the PG rated film The Fifth Element. What can we say? She has an amazing body, sure, but she's also a great actress.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason-Segel-Forgetting-Sarah-Marshall Credit

During his break-up scene with Kristen Bell, Jason Segel ends up in an embarrassing situation when he exposes his junk to his ex-girlfriend (in the film) and to shocked audiences across theaters all over the world. We could've done without this scene, but it was so bizarre we are all for it.

Just One Of The Guys

Just-One-Guys-Joyce-Hyser-nude Credit

Joyce Hyser's character Terri Griffith exposes her boobs to her love interest Rick (played by Clayton Rohner) whom she deceived (along with the rest of the school) into thinking she was a guy to get a story for a newspaper. That's a pretty ballsy move (pardon the pun) for an 80s flick.

Kate Winslet In Titanic

Titanic-Rose-Kate-Winslet-painting-nude-scene Credit

Although the film was PG-13, Kate Winslet showed off her magnificent body so that Jack could capture her incredibly sexy curves in a painting. Given how many families went to see the film, we're sure there were a few eager pre-teen and teen boys that were very, very happy!

Anne Hathaway

Anne-Hathaway-Brokeback-Mountain-nude-scene Credit

Having Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger smooching wasn't the only thing that had people's eyes fixed on the silver screen while watching Brokeback Mountain. It was Anne Hathaway showing off her boobs during a steamy truck-sex scene that no one expected.

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle

Malin-Akerman-Harold-Kumar-nude-scene Credit

On their journey to White Castle, Harold and Kumar end up meeting the gruesome Freakshow who takes them captive. The duo then meet Freakshow's beautiful wife played by Malin Akerman who takes her top off to reveal her gorgeous goodies, thus waking an otherwise bored audience up instantly.

 Katie Holmes

Katie-Holmes-The-Gift-nude-scene Credit

The actress formerly known as Mrs. Cruise, Katie Holmes, showed her entire chest in a scene in the 2000 film "The Gift". While she didn't show much in the film Teaching Mrs. Tingle, she did have a sex scene that also proved that Joey Potter was no longer a little girl.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Rene-Russo-The-Thomas-Crown-Affair-nude-scene Credit

Rene Russo bares it all during a steamy scene with actor Pierce Brosnan as they do it on a spiral staircase. It's quite a heart-pumping scene and Russo had no problem proving to the audience that you can still look real good at 45.