9 Shows And Movies You Need
To Binge-Watch On Netflix!

You can only binge watch on so many Orange Is The New Black episodes before your mind starts craving something fresh. So here are 9 shows and films on Netflix that you might have missed but they are totally worth it and will push your entertainment level in a whole new direction.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable-Kimmy-Schmidt-Netflix Credit

This Netflix comedy series finds Kimmy Schmidt rescued along with three other women from a bunker where she's spent the last 15 years of her life as part of an end-of-the-world cult. Soon she finds herself in New York City, learning what it means to live in today's world by working as a nanny for an uber rich socialite. If you love funny and quirky then this show is the way to go.


Longmire-modern-western-streaming-series Credit

Walt Longmire is a widowed sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming who must put his life back together and in some cases put on a brave face for his friends and family who push him to move forward. There's plenty of dry humor and drama. Oh and the lovely Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica is in this so that's a plus.


Sense8-Netflix-sci-fi-series Credit

The series deals with 8 perfect strangers who suddenly find themselves with the ability to speak with each other telepathically and share skills and knowledge with one another. As the "Sense8" continue to learn about themselves and their abilities, they discover that someone sinister is coming after them to exploit their powers.


Tangerine-film-transsexual-prostitute Credit

This indie film tells the story of a transsexual prostitute who discovers that her boyfriend, who was also her pimp, cheated on her while she was behind bars. So now she and her best friend go on a search to find the pimp and his new lover and teach them both a lesson. Yeah, it might be a low-budget indie film but it certainly has a lot of impact.

Grace And Frankie

Grace-Frankie-Netflix-comedy-drama Credit

Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) end up moving in together after they learn that their husbands are gay and in love with each other. There's plenty of laugh-out-loud shenanigans as the women try to support each other while avoiding getting on each other's nerves.

Into The Abyss

Into-The-Abyss-4-story-film Credit

This isn't a movie you want to put on during family night. It features a documentary of 4 families that are forced to deal with a horrible murder. As the film progresses you realize that the stories are all interwoven. It's very dark and gritty and totally worth diving into if you like this sort of film.

Do I Sound Gay?

Do-I-Sound-Gay-documentary Credit

Why do some gay men speak effeminately? Are they born with it or do they learn it as they grow up? This documentary interviews a bunch of gay men, all different in their own way from famous to not so famous to masculine and effeminate and so on. It will truly open your eyes about gay men in ways you never thought possible.

W/Bob & David

W-Bob-And-David-Netflix-sketch-comedy Credit

The actor that played Tobias on Arrested Development and the actor who played Saul on Breaking Bad have come together to bring us 4 half-hour episodes of one of the funniest comedy sketch shows to date. The comedy duo will have you in stitches. Let's hope they make more episodes in the future.

Chelsea Does

Chelsea-Handler-Netflix-series Credit

This educational 4-episode mini-series shows comedian Chelsea Handler tackling some rather controversial topics like racism, drugs, marriage, etc. Don't expect her to water down her usual snarky but funny humor. You're either going to love her or hate her but she will definitely entertain you.