9 Topics You Should AVOID
Unless You LOOOVE To Argue

We think we can talk to our friends about anything but there are some issues that are open to interpretation and when you bring them up, you could wind up starting a huge argument that could even ruin some friendships. Here are 9 topics you should totally avoid for the sake of peace.

The Holocaust

Jewish-Holocaust-remembrance-man-looking-wall Credit

The holocaust was a sad chapter in human history. But some people claim that it was either exaggerated or never happened. That stubbornness that makes people refuse to accept the tragedy the Jews experienced will spark a lot of hatred between you and whoever you're arguing with. So avoid the headache by making some more open-minded friends.


Islam-prayer-open-air-mosque Credit

Over the years, society has unfortunately come to associate Islam and the Muslim faith with extremist actions, which is understandably unfair. But in a heated debate, one side will always defend what Islam truly represents while the other side could likely defame and twist it into the media war that we are so used to seeing.


abortion-pro-life-choice-rally Credit

Pro-life supporters believe that killing a fetus is the same as murdering a child while pro-choice supporters believe that a woman has the right to choose because it's her body. Strong feelings run high on both sides and it seems impossible for anyone to have a calm conversation because one side will always believe in the right to choose. The other will always believe the issue is more black and white.

LGBT Rights

LGBT-gay-marriage-equality-rally Credit

The debate between LGBT rights and religious beliefs can come to blows at times, especially since both sides feel that the other is challenging their long-held beliefs or lifestyle. Tolerance is not the same as acceptance, so bringing up LGBT issues with someone you know is not open to them could bring out their deeply seeded homophobia to the surface.

The Israel/Palestine Debate

Israel-Palestine-conflict-face-off Credit

Some people believe that the Palestine are the victims while others believe it's the Israelis. We're not here to debate the issue. We're simply here to point out these territorial disputes have resulted in human rights violation on both sides, which can understandably bring a lot of strong and often heated arguments among friends when trying to defend their position.

The Right To Bear Arms

gun-pro-support-rally Credit

This topic has surfaced with school shootings and civil unrest in many parts of the U.S. The fact is that some feel safer if law enforcement were the only ones carrying weapons while others feel that in order to stay safe you need to carry a weapon. Both sides can pretty much pull off a damn good convincing argument, so it's probably best to steer clear of this topic unless you want to discuss this for hours. It is pretty interesting though.


feminism-women-rallying-equality Credit

This is a touchy subject because some people believe that feminism is nothing more than a crusade where women look to take some sort of revenge on all "evil men", when in fact, feminism started many years ago and stands for equality of the genders. But unless you want to spend hours reading some good articles and debating, avoid this issue like the plague.

Climate Change

climate-change-one-side-green-other-desert Credit

Everyone in the world can appoint themselves Mother Nature's personal protector. Unfortunately, some people take it a bit too far and come up with vast conspiracy theories about global corporations that are harming our environment. There are several reasons behind the change in global climate. So avoid talking about it unless you want to end up arguing and arguing and arguing.


God-light-hand-raised Credit

It would be nice to assume that we can all respect each other's beliefs regardless of whether we believe (or not) in God, Gods and Goddesses, angels or fairies. But the fact is that bringing anyone's religious beliefs or lack thereof in a conversation will lead each side to try and convert the other to their point of view … which will never happen and could put a strain in the friendship.