Best Dad Ever Tansforms
Daughter's Room Into a

Most girls only dream about living in a fairy wonderland. But for one girl in Washington, her dream became a reality thanks to her awesome dad who spent thousands of dollars and worked really hard to transform her room into something even Tinker Bell would envy! 

The Fairy Tree

6-year-old-daughter-blond-sitting-top-tree Credit

Rob told viewers online that his daughter wanted a fairy tree she could sit in and read or climb on but not outside in the front yard or the backyard. She wanted it in her room! So this awesome dad took on the task of giving her the coolest fairy tree in the world!

The Plan

drawing-fairy-tree-template Credit

The first step was clear. Rob needed a plan. So he started out by drawing the kind of tree that his 6-year-old wanted on paper. We're fairly certain that he asked for her input before gathering the materials to begin construction.

The Silhouette

Rob-dad-holding-model-drawing-silhouette-wall Credit

He then created a scale model of the absolutely incredible magical tree to use as a template. Then he drew a series of gridlines on the floor and a silhouette of the tree on the wall. This would serve as the perfect marker to guide him when he started attaching the steel rebar.

Making It Climbable

steel-skeleton-fairy-tree-construction Credit

To ensure that it was safe for his daughter to climb, he welded steel rebar and rods to create a frame that would be strong enough to support the weight of 3 grown-ups. This would ensure that his daughter was never in any danger while enjoying her fairy tale adventure.

The Wire Skin

wire-skin-fairy-tree Credit

After constructing the metallic skeletal structure of the tree, Rob used wire skin to cover it up and attached it using zip ties. Now it was slowly starting to come together.

Adding Concrete

applying-concrete-giving-look-real-tree Credit

Rob then applied concrete similar to stucco which is an awesome material that most homeowners can easily use with a trowel. He added more detail using silicone rollers and sculpting tools often used for clay to make it appear like a bark tree.

Painting The Bark

painting-bark-tree-natural-looking-color Credit

He used paper-mache to create the branches. This was the final step before painting the entire tree to give it the natural realistic appearance. He used a series of dark brown and light brown colors to make it seems like a real tree.

Rough Blending

painting-bedroom-purple-color-fairy Credit

The tree wasn't the only thing that needed painting. The rest of the bedroom needed a decent paint job too in order to blend the fairy tree into the wonderland motif Rob wanted to provide his daughter.

Hardwood Floors

hardwood-floors-construction-installation-fairy-tree Credit

Even a dad as cool as Rob needed a little help for this project. Fortunately, his father-in-law was willing and able to help him install the insulating underlayment and the hardwood floor.

Attention To Detail

wonderland-bedroom-silky-branches-lights Credit

Rob thought of everything and it's freaking impressive. He added fairy doors, fairy windows, and magical looking silk branches with lights to decorate the tree and the bedroom. He really pushed the envelope on his attention to detail.

Dreams Do Come True

little-girl-fairy-tree-inside-reading Credit

The project wasn't easy and Rob admits that he made a few mistakes along the way. But after 18 months, 350 hours of labor and $4,250 he managed to give his daughter the tree that little girls only dream of having and it's safe to say that she'll probably have quite a magical childhood.