Here's Why You Should Just
Never Go There

Travelling abroad is simply disgusting. You have to deal with awful things like comfortable hotel rooms, nice hot showers after a long day at the beach while drinking a coconut drink and delightful exotic meals. And Brazil is one of the worst destinations to go to if you hate dreamy beaches, turquoise waters and all of the incredible things we're going to list here.

Christ The Redeemer

Christ-Redeemer-Corcovado-Mountain Credit

Wouldn't you rather stay home napping, bored out of your mind than enduring a 4-hour tour that starts with you riding the cog train up the breathtaking Corcovado mountainside all the way through the equally impressive Tijuca Rainforest? It seems like an awful lot of work to get to see an incredible God-size statue of Christ and the most jaw-dropping panoramic view of Rio De Janeiro. Of course, we're being uber sarcastic.


Lagoa-Paraiso-Jericoacoara-Brazil Credit

Anyone would prefer being locked away at the office any day over the fresh water lagoons of Jericoacoara. Plus, sitting in a cubicle is much more fun than swinging the day away in a hammock hovering very near the bluest and greenest water you will ever see in your life.


Pantanal-Brazil-wetlands-tourist-attraction Credit

There are ponds, lakes and rivers full of oversized lily pads in Pantanal, along with the most exotic plants and wildlife as far as the eye can see. Yeah. No thanks! I'll just catch a boring movie from 1997 on local television.

Chapada Diamantina

Poco-Encantado-Chapada-Diamantina Credit

Just look at this view. Why would anyone want to travel abroad just to see this? Who would pay a single penny to experience such an adventure? Plus, it must be exhausting to have to hike and climb through the most magnificent cliffs your eyes will ever have the pleasure of seeing.

Lencois De Maranhao

Brazil-Lencois-Maranhenses-white-sand-filled-small-lakes Credit

Just staring at the white sand is blinding. Oh and those epic pockets of water that fill up the sand dunes during the rainy season is so not the place to visit if you enjoy wonderful sightseeing experiences.

The Majestic Iguazu Falls

Iguazu-Falls-Brazil-beautiful Credit

It's basically nature's kitchen sink. Why would anyone want to spend the day watching the breathtaking Iguazu Falls or fearing for their life on a helicopter ride to see the majestic site from above for only a hundred bucks? Sounds insane!

Fernando De Noronha

Fernando-De-Noronha-Brazil Credit

Why would you waste time and money on a 2 day cruise or a plane ride to reach one of 21 of these islands off the Brazilian Coast? Why risk your life on one of the various and equally amazing dive sites across Fernando De Noronha? Seriously? Who loves paradise?


Brazil-Carnival-festival-tourist-attraction Credit

Some call it the biggest party on the planet. Imagine, Mardi Gras times a hundred! All that cheering, happiness, drinking, dancing, and of course the beautiful men and women at this massive parade is enough to make anyone want to stay home.

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema-Beach-Brazil-sunset-woman-flag-mountains Credit

Rio De Janeiro offers a lot of incredible places that you will totally not want to waste your time visiting like Ipanema Beach. This is the last place you'd want to take your partner for a romantic walk along the sandy shores or to watch as the sun begins to set over the horizon of the hills.

Brazilian Women

Brazilian-woman-green-bra-holding-flag Credit

Now why would I want to visit a place where the women are friendly, have incredible personalities, great curves, glowy skin and are quite possibly some of the most beautiful creatures in the world? We'll pass!