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2015 was a year of controversy from silly things like the color of a dress, to Starbucks cups that seemingly dissed the spirit of Christmas. Here are 10 things that people loved freaking out about last year. Some are so silly that you'll be left wondering what we're going to freak about in 2016.

Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy

Starbucks-holiday-cups-controversy Credit

Did Starbucks go anti-Christmas on their customers in 2015? Some people seemed to think so. The topic became very trendy online after the popular coffee shop went for a more minimalistic red colored cup for the holiday season. Some claimed that Starbucks was intentionally doing away with Christmas … but all the company wanted was to be more inclusive and get distanced from only one religion.

Jon Snow

Jon-Snow-Game-Thrones-killed-off Credit

The honorable lord of Winterfell met a horrible death at the end of season 5 leaving many Game of Thrones fans wondering if Jon Snow really died. Recently, actor Kit Harington confirmed that his character had indeed died but that this was not necessarily the end and his character could still appear on the show.

Boycotting Star Wars VII

Star-Wars-Episode-VII-Finn-black-actor Credit

Some Star Wars fans weren't too happy with the fact that the film's main character, Finn, played by John Boyega was black. Some even went on Twitter and started using the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII because of it. But clearly it didn't work as the film was a huge hit.

The Wiz

The-Wiz-live-musical-all-black-cast Credit

The live-televised theater production of The Wiz, which was basically a musical retelling of The Wizard of Oz featured an all black cast, which infuriated some people. Ironically the roles in 2016 have been reversed and now people are furious that no African-Americans were nominated for an OSCAR. You never win!

Kermit And Miss Piggy Split

Kermit-Miss-Piggy-split Credit

When Kermit and Miss Piggy announced that they were breaking up via Twitter, people were stunned. Ironically, the announcement was made right before the revived series "The Muppets" aired on ABC. Was it a marketing ploy? Maybe. But people weren't this upset since the Jonas Brothers broke up.

Disney Princess Themed Lipsticks

Disney-princesses-villains-lipstick Credit

LA Splash Lipsticks decided to come out with their Disney princess line and customers were able to choose from a variety of fairy tale inspired colors from Belle to Snow White to Aurora and Ariel, etc. They even offered colors for the Disney villains because there's always someone out there that wants wicked lips like those of the evil queen.

The Dress Controversy

black-blue-white-gold-dress Credit

The internet lit up with eerie confusion when a striped cocktail dress caught everyone off guard. It's not that the design was that impressive. It's just that it mind-warped people into somehow seeing two sets of colors. Some saw it as a white and gold dress while others saw it as black and blue. People continued arguing over it even after the retailer confirmed that the dress was black and blue.

Doritos Rainbows

Doritos-Rainbows-social-media-controversy Credit

When marriage equality beat out bigotry last year, Frito Lays decided to show their support by coming out with Doritos Rainbows. Naturally, some extremely homophobic customers did not take kindly to this and started voicing their negative opinions on social media.

Glenn On The Walking Dead

The-Walking-Dead-Glenn-killed Credit

Fans were shocked when they tuned into The Walking Dead last October and saw what appeared to be Glenn being eaten alive by a horde of zombies. It took 3 episodes, during which fans noticed that the actor's name had been taken off the credits, before we learned that Glenn had survived after all.

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel-Dolezal-NAACP-president-white-black Credit

The NAACP Chapter President of Spokane, Washington had to step down after receiving a great deal of scrutiny over being biologically white but pretending that she was African-American. This made people deal with topics they had never considered regarding racial identity.