Disney, I Love You, But You
Still Cannot Explain These
Movie Plot Holes

Disney is famous for making some of the coolest children movies on the big screen like Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Frozen. And we love the franchise, but even Disney can make mistakes and these 10 plot holesare proof of it.

Incompetent Lord Of The Underworld?


Hades believed that Hercules was murdered by one of his henchmen when he was a baby. But he’s the ruler of the underworld. Shouldn’t he know which souls he has and which ones he doesn’t, like a certain Greek demigod?

Rapunzel’s Hair Color


Whenever Rapunzel cut a piece of her luscious blonde hair, it automatically turned brown. But at the beginning of the film, when she got a major haircut, the hair that was still attached to her roots became brown. Uh, hello? We need an explanation on aisle 5.

Cannibalistic Ariel


Humanity clearly turned Ariel into a cannibal as she clearly had no issues eating seafood next to her love Prince Eric. Love makes you do crazy things, but this?

Illiterate Ariel?


Not only is Ariel seemingly a cannibal in The Little Mermaid but she’s also kind of dumb. When she lost her voice she could have written a note to Prince Eric to communicate, but she didn’t. Does she even know how to write? Apparently not.

Jafar’s Staff


Jafar already had magic which he could harness with his staff. So why was he so bent on acquiring the genie? I guess some evil Sultans are just too power hungry.

Three Wishes


As we all know, genies grant us three wishes, which Aladdin used, all of them. But that didn’t have to be the end of it. He could have given the lamp to his sweetie Jasmine. The girl could have certainly used it!

Confusing Portrait


In Beauty And The Beast, it was established that an enchantress cursed Prince Adam at age 11, turning him into a beast but we later see a portrait of the adult prince hanging on the wall with claw marks. Was the portrait from the future?

Elsa’s Power


Throughout the movie Frozen, viewers never got to learn how Elsa got her freezing powers. We know her parents didn’t have it and her sister doesn’t either. So where did they come from? Did Elsa’s mom boink a sorcerer on the side?

The Seven Dwarves Treasure


Snow White’s adorable seven dwarves were miners and miners usually find gold and diamonds. But they live in a crappy shack in the middle of the woods. So where does the treasure go? To the prince or the evil queen?

Cinderella’s Slipper


It must have slipped Disney’s creative minds when they wrote the film but Cinderella’s glass slippers were part of fairy godmother’s magic, which vanished at midnight. So why didn’t the slipper the prince found disappear?