History Was Loaded With
Pranksters That Made Life a
LOOOOT More Interesting

History was loaded with trolls, but we're not referring to them in the mystical sense but rather people who have altered certain truths or sown discord to infiltrate an otherwise secure location or cause mischief for their own amusement. Here are 9 cases that are truly entertaining and will not be forgotten.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin-Franklin-United-States-founder Credit

Franklin was not just one of the founding fathers. He was also a Freemason, a scientist, a diplomat, an author and … a prankster. He loved screwing around with people's head. So when the Constitution was drafted, the other founding fathers had to actually proofread it to make sure that he didn't add any jokes that would have been deemed inappropriately hilarious.

Jonathan Swift

Jonathan-Swift-Modest-Proposal Credit

In 1729, Swift published a shocking article called "A Modest Proposal", which was anything but. In it, he suggested that Irish families who were poor should sell their kids to rich people as a food source. Gross! We know! Both the press and the public slammed him for his lack of compassion towards the poor and (obviously) children.

John Titor

clock-time-traveling-distorted-image Credit

Between 2000 and 2001, bulletin boards were flooded with posts from a man named John Titor who claimed to have traveled back in time from 2036 to warn us of drastic changes to the future, including a nuclear attack that would wipe out most world powers and damage the environment. Fortunately, those catastrophic predictions have not come to pass.

Zhuge Liang

Zhuge-Liang-Chinese-general-strategist Credit

Zhuge Liang was a chancellor of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms and even after nearly 2,000 years, he is still recognized as the most accomplished strategist of that time. He actually defended his village by sipping tea outside the gates. When his enemies arrived and saw how calm he was they assumed they were going to get ambushed and left.

Abbie Hoffman

Abbie-Hoffman-social-activist-anarchist Credit

The social activist and anarchist who opposed war was ironically wanted and arrested for inciting riots and insurgency in the sixties. But one of his biggest feats involved him touring the FBI headquarters while actually being wanted by the FBI itself. Now that's a ballsy move!

Basil Zaharoff

Basil-Zaharoff-Greek-arms-dealer Credit

The Greek arms dealer was known as one of the richest men in the world and "the merchant of death" after he sold a submarine to the Greek government and then told the Turks about it to get them to buy 2 subs from him. Afterwards he told the Russians about the subs that the Greeks and the Russians had acquired and sold them 2 subs as well. Ironically, none of the subs he sold functioned.


Adolf-Hitler-Nazi-leader-arm-out Credit

You might not believe it but Austria has managed to fool us into thinking that Hitler was German when in fact, he was born in Austria but became a naturalized German citizen. Ironically, Beethoven was in fact German but people assumed he was from Austria and they didn't necessarily deny it.

The War Of The Worlds

War-Worlds-radio-broadcast Credit

On October 30th, 1938, Orson Wells decided to broadcast a program about an alien invasion over the radio which allegedly caused panic because everyone thought it was true. Though given the lack of popularity of the particular radio show, some had disputed that it caused such an insane amount of panic. But we know that at least a handful of people were fooled.

Oliver Bickar AKA Porky

Mount-Edgecumbe-Alaska-April-Fools-prank Credit

On Monday, April 1st, 1974, residents of Sitka Alaska panicked when they saw what appeared to be Mount Edgecumbe, a volcano that had been dormant for 4 centuries, come to life. It was in fact an April Fool's prank pulled off by Oliver Bickar using 70 tires and lighting them up to trick residents and news media into thinking that the volcano was about to blow.