I Bet You Had No Clue That
THIS Is What Happens On
Wedding Nights

You have the wedding first. Then you have the reception and party your hearts out. After the guests are gone, it is time to celebrate your first night as a married couple. But some nights don’t end up in a hotel with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

I Now Pronounce You … Wife And Bed

Her face says it all. Turn off the lights because momma wants to sleep. Did you think after all the hoopla, this gal was going to be looking for action?

Drive Away Bride

This bride had to be her drunken hubby’s designated driver. At least they are perfect for one another because she’s smiling at the camera while driving. Marry me!

No Carriage Needed

These two ended their wedding night on a comfy sofa. They are honeymooning La-Z-Boy style.

I Married Mr. Bubbles

Now this is what I call, marrying Mr. Right. He will blow your mind every night. Plus he looks good in bubbles.

He’s Happy It’s Over

Forget the hotel room kinky stuff. 'I feel like eating something else and that’s a good Hardee’s burger with a wife on the side' said the hungry-like-the-wolf groom.

Our Love Is On Fire

This married couple spent their wedding night by a camp fire in Tanzania. Did she burn her dress too? Either way, they're burning up for their love.

Out Of The Church And Into The Jacuzzi

He sure knows how to end a stressful fun day. Get ready to be Jacuzzi-fied. You need to wash off hours of dancing, excessive drinking, and partying.

The Perfect Thing To Pack

This bride’s message to her husband is that she comes with no baggage. Let’s hope he does as well.

To The Couple With Love

Their friends decided to leave a few encouraging messages on the mirror. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's not getting laid at all? Not after resting for a day or two, that is.

A Warm Night

This couple decided to cuddle and sip hot cocoa after their wedding with the perfect 'just married' gift.

One More Selfie

The husband is knocked out; however, this bride wanted to knock out one more selfie before the night was over.

No Hotel Room After

This couple skipped the honeymoon and moved right into a new apartment after they got married. Sounds like they will be sleeping in for weeks to make up for so much work and partying!