10 Celebrities No One Cares
About Anymore

Being a reality, TV or film star today doesn't guarantee anyone will even remember you tomorrow. Just ask these folks! They were once top bananas either through fame and fortune or sheer infamy and now people have completely pushed them out of their minds.

Kato Kaelin

Kato-Kaelin-forgotten-witness Credit

The aspiring actor gained a lot of attention as OJ's house guest and was a witness during the Simpson murder trial. But despite playing a few minor roles here and there, Kato never made it big. What's even sadder is they hired another actor to play him on American Crime Story.

Honey Boo Boo

Honey-Boo-Boo-reality-star-child Credit

Some people found the reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" exploitative, outrageous and offensive. Sadly, the only time anyone remembered 10-year-old star Alana Fran Thompson (aka Honey Boo Boo) was when Joel McHale made some off-hand remark on the now cancelled series "The Soup".

Tan Mom

Tan-Mom-woman-personality-infamous Credit

On April 2012, Tan Mom (aka Patricia Krentcil) ticked people off when she came under fire for allegedly taking her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning booth. The tan obsessed mom claims to have now given up tanning for Botox.

Ralph Macchio

Ralph-Macchio-Karate-Kid Credit

We all wanted to be like his character Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid. But as the actor grew, his roles diminished. He's also known for playing Bill Gambini in My Cousin Vinny, having a stint on Ugly Betty and even appeared on the 12th season of Dancing With The Stars. But is anyone talking about him anymore?

Tom Anderson

Tom-Anderson-Myspace-founder Credit

Who could forget the first friend we ever made on Myspace? Unfortunately, it seems like just about everyone has forgotten about poor Tom along with his then quite popular social media network. Damn you Facebook!

Zachery Ty Bryan

Zachery-Ty-Bryan-Home-Improvement Credit

He worked alongside another heartthrob, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, on the popular sitcom Home Improvement. But he has been non-existent in films and television since 2009 and those piercing baby-blue eyes have faded from our memories.

Devin Ratray

Devin-Ratray-Home-Alone-big-brother Credit

You all remember Kevin's pain-in-the-butt bully of a big brother, Buzz on Home Alone. But while the actor, singer and songwriter has managed to stay in the spotlight with films like Blue Ruin and Nebraska, he looks a lot different from the role we all know him best for.

Shannen Doherty

Shannen-Doherty-90210-Charmed-actress Credit

When Shannen left 90210 on bad terms, fans were disappointed. But we were happy when she was given a second chance on Charmed, which she allegedly walked away from as well. Since then, her career has shared the same status as her Charmed character Prue Halliwell .... dead.

The Situation

The-Situation-MTV-Jersey-Shore Credit

Michael Paul Sorrentino was a hit on the MTV reality series Jersey Shore and people thought he was quite sexy. But after the final episode, The Situation went to rehab in 2012, was arrested for assault in 2014, and was charged with tax fraud that same year.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly-Osbourne-Fashion-Police-Project-Runway-Junior Credit

Kelly ruined her career when she left Fashion Police over an alleged racist comment made by co-host Giuliana Rancic. Since then she has come under fire for making a racist comment of her own on The View and people were just over her. But now she's a host on Project Runway Junior and Australia's Got Talent. So this controversial celeb clearly doesn't want to be forgotten.