10 Dangerous Apps That
Could Ruin Your Kid's Life

Most teens would argue that parents should give their kids some privacy and that apps are only dangerous if they are used irresponsibly. But danger lurks behind the deceptive users on the other end and they could be targeting your kids.


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Kik makes it a lot easier for a predator to talk to your kids without you knowing about it. They can send photos as well as texts back and forth. To make things worse, the conversations aren't logged into the phone history as the app bypasses your service providers short message services.


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This app puts Facebook friends into two categories. It will indicate which person gets to stay in the friendzone and which one they'd like to hook up with. This not only encourages your teen to potentially "hook up" with other teens but it can also teach them how to see other people as mere potential sexual conquests.


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In itself, this 6-second video posting app can be fun. However, some people do post porn videos which can be easily accessed by kids. Perverts can also use this app to track down teens since the app does offer their location, so be warned!


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The app is harmless if used responsibly. But if teens send explicit pictures or videos, they'll be lulled into a false sense of security because the app claims that whatever you send has a time limit and will be deleted. As tempting as it sounds, know that people have been caught through screenshots and it wasn't pretty.


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This app is a virtual safe zone for cyber-bullies because it allows kids to ask questions that are derogatory and can often involve a single target. Since the users are anonymous, there's no way to hold them accountable.


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A predator could easily use fake webcam software to convince your teen that they are someone they're not just so that your child can send the predator information like their address or to receive sexually explicit photos. This video chat app is a double-edged sword that parents should constantly monitor.


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Users remain anonymous and anyone within a mile radius of you can search for you. While this app is better suited for adults looking for online relationships, it can also attract a predator into your child's life.


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Kids love to challenge their parents by keeping things from them all in the name of privacy. Unfortunately, this app lets them choose which apps they want to hide from their phone's screen and your detective-like eyes.


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This is primarily a hookup app, which is the last thing any parent wants their teen to be doing, especially with potentially shady elements. The app allows users to flag the photo of someone they like and if the person flags them back, the app puts them in contact with each other. Then they're basically getting together with a complete stranger.

Yik Yak

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This app allows kids to slander their fellow students and teachers with short but nonetheless hurtful messages. While Yik Yak users are anonymous, the comments can be read by anyone within a 5-mile radius. It's essentially, virtual bullying.