10 Signs That Should Of
Been Proofread ... #8 Is

Most people that come up with signs for stores are average Joes like you and I. They're either too pressed for time or are simply human. And you know grammar nazis are rare! So check out these signs that prove just how little these people cared about proofreading.

Spongebob Is Hiring


Things must be really bad at BK if they have this cartoon character doing all the hiring ... and the writing! Marketing is getting desperate!

Don't Get Toad


We're guessing that this establishment is owned by the evil Dr. Facilier from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. Who else has the power to turn people who park illegally into toads?

Eating Customers Only


This must be a Hannibal Lecter convention or something. Don't loiter or you might get eaten on that table.

2 Out Of 40


Two females out of 40 women in the Senate? What were the other 38? Crossdressers? Doesn't anyone proofread newspapers anymore?

Giggle The Door Knob


Okay. We've never tickled an inanimate object like a door knob but if making it giggle is the only way to open the door we'll try it.

Feeling VS Filling


Well that's disturbing! Why would anyone want to feel her shoes? And how do you even do that? I guess we'll have to 'reed' the story!

Cooking Dogs


Gee! We wonder why you didn't get the job! Could it be because you're busy cooking dogs? This is a perfect example of how commas can make a big difference.

Extra Incentive


Not only do you buy a bed but they'll help you break in the new mattress too with the help of a very special someone that plans on leaving the next morning and understands that 'I'll call you sometime' doesn't mean squat.

Frustrated Boots


This store ad is an epic fail. No one wants to buy boots with a word that suggests frustration. Oh wait … you meant Ugg Boots! Ugh! How did I not see that? Oh that's right ... the epic mistake!

Market Name Fail


The store owner must have had a major brain fart when he came up with the name for this market. It sounds wrong on so many levels and nasty!