11 Animals That Turned Out
To Be PERFECT Celebrity

They say dogs are man’s best friend. So it should come as no surprise that some even resemble us, or in this case, some of our favorite celebrities. Here are 11 animals that are near spitting images of famous stars.

Ron Perlman


Ron Perlman has the face of a beast (because he played the beast, Vincent on the 80s series Beauty and the Beast). But it looks like he might have some Bull Mastiff in his genes as well.



They both have lovely straight long hair and they’re both … female dogs ... errrh you know what we mean, right? And with good reasons! 

Donald Trump


Trump is a nasty business tycoon and this Chihuahua is just adorable. So the only things these two have in common are those rugs on their heads and the fact that they’re both dogs.



This dog’s hair is braided just like Shakira had it but can she move her caboose the way the Colombian singer can?

Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz and this cub are both doing the same facial expression. The only difference is that the cub looks adorable doing it while Diaz looks like the Joker having a wee bit too much fun!

Eric Stonestreet


The thing we love about this dog and the Modern Family star is that they’re both adorable and most of us wouldn’t mind massaging their tummies. Can you spell 'huggable'?

Hulk Hogan


This seal might not have the same muscles as the Hulk but when you put their profiles together, the famous wrestler’s goatee looks tusk-like and they both have the same bitter expression.

Gordon Ramsay


They both have the same wrinkled old prune face but unfortunately for the dog, only one of them is rich enough to afford plastic surgery.

David Duchovny


The X-Files/Californication star is known for monkeying around on the set of his shows, which could explain why he and this monkey have the same devious smile.

Kaley Cuoco


The Big Bang Theory star looks as crazy as this bird but at least the bird has an excuse. What’s hers? Oh, that's right, being so rich and talented at a young age drives anyone insane!

George W. Bush


They have the same stupid face but only one of them is actually dumb. Can you guess who?