Give The Traveler In Your
Life Exactly What They Need
For Their Trip

Traveling can be a whole lot more enjoyable when you have the perfect purse, adapter or pillow. So if a friend or a loved one is planning on taking a trip soon, here are some brilliant gifts that are bound to truly enhance their traveling experience.

The Grayl Water Filtration Cup

GRAYL-Water-Filtration-Cup Credit

You've heard the saying, 'Don't drink the water in Mexico'. The truth is you can never be too careful when it comes to drinking tap water or water from a natural spring no matter where you are. This filtration cup makes water clean and safe.

 Smartphone Camera Lenses

Sony-Camera-Lens-Smartphone Credit

When we travel we expect to see some magnificent sights that we can take photos of to show to our friends and family back home. So you'll definitely want to buy some wide-angle lenses for your Smartphone to capture every pixel of perfection in each shot.

Travel Journal

travel-journal-leather-gift Credit

Keeping a travel journal is the best way to preserve the experience of the trip. Most journals are specifically designed to write down the time, date and location of where the adventure took place. It really is a nifty gift.

Travel Hoodie Pillow

Travel-Hoodie-Pillow-inflatable Credit

This hoodie pillow is unique and includes two strings that let you adjust to fit your head size. You can use it to nap, sleep, read, watch TV, check the internet on your laptop or listen to music. It's essentially an inflatable pillow with a lot of style.

Speakeasy Travel Scarf

Speakeasy-Travel-Scarf-hidden-compartment Credit

The zipper is well hidden and there's lots of space in the pocket to let you store your money and passport. Plus it's soft, fun to wear and makes you look absolutely great. It's perfect to keep your valuables close to you but not so obvious that a thief would grab onto it.

The Bear You've Been Travel Pillow

Bear-Youve-Been-Travel-Pillow Credit

You can either keep it in its bear shaped form so that you have something to hold while you sleep or you can turn it into a travel pillow to keep your neck from hurting as you take a nap on the plane, the train or the bus. It's totally adorbs!

High Capacity Portable Charger

high-capacity-portable-charger Credit

The worst thing that could happen while traveling abroad is you running out of juice on your phone. But with this portable charger you'll be able to charge up anywhere without having to go back to the hotel or wandering for hours for a place to charge your phone.

Baliloca Hands-Free Anti Theft Purse

Baliloca-Hands-Free-Anti-Theft-Purse Credit

The hands-free shoulder purse hangs under your arm and is held by two straps so that the person wearing it never has to worry about a thief cutting the straps. It's lightweight, comfy and can even be worn under your clothes.

Foldable Sneakers

foldable-sneakers-comfortable-easy-storage Credit

Space is an issue when you're packing. Fortunately these foldable sneakers, which have a 6-month/1,000-mile guarantee, have the ability to fold so you'll have more space in your luggage. Plus they're comfy and durable too.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Holmes-ultrasonic-humidifier-traveling-gift Credit

A humidifier can prevent travelers from getting sick. It can also stop their skin from getting all dry and flaky. However, since it's difficult to buy a humidifier in some countries, this ultrasonic humidifier is ideal for travelers.

Digital Luggage Scale

pocket-digital-luggage-scale Credit

This is a Godsend for travelers who love to buy souvenirs abroad but then forget that there's a weight limit per luggage. The digital luggage scale will accurately estimate how much their luggage weighs so that there are no surprises while checking their stuff in at the airport.