Yep ... These Freaks Of
Nature Actually Exist

The world is full of many people. The great thing is that not everyone is alike which makes everyone unique. Otherwise it'd be boring!  But these next people take “unique” to a whole new level and we call that “strangely bizarre”.

Eye See You

Kim-Goodman-pop-eyes-outCredit Kim Goodman sure knows how to put her sight on something. She has big beautiful eyes that pop out just a bit. That’s not the pop-eyes many of us know.

Cousin Of Cousin It

guy-wearing-moss-suit-subway-picCredit This guy doesn’t want people to look at him so he wears this get-up to do his errands. I actually think he is part of the Addams family.

Ice Ice Baby

Wim-Hof-Iceman-world-recordCredit Dutch world-record holder, Wim Hof, is a cool man … literally. His body can withstand cold temps. He even stayed in an ice bath for close to two hours. He’s the next Ice-Man.

Such A Waist

Michele-Kobke-small-waist-corset-girlCredit In three years, Michele Kobke from Germany shrunk her 25 inch waist down to a 16 inch waist with the help of a corset. She has the smallest waist in the world and I’m going to waste money on a corset now.

He Is Not That Incredible

Romario-Dos-Santos-Alves-muscle-picCredit Romario Dos Santos Alves calls himself the Incredible Hulk. He’s a Brazilian bodybuilder who injected his muscles with a lethal mix of oil and alcohol. Hopefully he doesn’t inject his skin with green dye.

I See Right Through You

Natasha-Demkina-xray-vision-girlCredit Russian girl, Natasha Demkina, has been given the nickname “X-ray Girl”. Why? She says that she can see through a person right down to their insides. She even medically diagnosed someone correctly just by looking at them.

Don’t Touch My Car

Edward-Smith-car-lover-picCredit Men love cars … collecting them that is. Edward Smith who resides in Washington, loves cars too but he loves them sexually and by sexually I mean he has sex with them. Yeah, really! I guess he muffles the car’s honks.

Rapunzel’s Competition

Tran-Van-Hay-longest-hair-guyCredit Tran Van Hay died at the age of 79 in 2010 having the longest hair in the world. He never cut it for more than 50 years and only washed it once or twice.

My Favorite Flavor Is Metal

Michel-Lotito-eats-metal-picCredit Michel Lotitio, a Frenchman, has a mental disorder that makes him crave non-food-related items. He’s eaten 9 tons of metal within 40 years. He died in 2007, and get this … it wasn’t from eating nails.

Such A Hard Head

Gino-Martino-world-hardest-headCredit Gino Martino, a professional wrestler, is no numb-skull. He uses his skull to smash through things. He is the human hammer, a.k.a. the world’s hardest head.

An Upside Down View

Eskil-Ronningsbakken-balancing-artist-cliff-picCredit Balancing extreme artist from Norway, Eskil Ronningsbakken, takes hands stands to a whole new height. He performs balancing acts above death drops like cliffs. I’ll be “ronningsbakken” to solid ground.

It Pays To Have A Big Mouth

Francisco-Domingo-Joaquim-big-mouth-recordCredit An Angola man, Francisco Domingo Joaquim, has the biggest mouth in the world. It measures 6.69 inches and can hold a soda can in it.

Watch Out For Metal Detectors

Eileen-Brown-real-bionic-womanCredit Boldon, England is home to Eileen Brown. She only has her left hip and left elbow as natural joints which keep her from being fully bionic like the rest of her body. Don’t piss her off.