8 Scientific Questions That
Drive Us CRAZY ... And
Might Never Be Answered

There are a lot of things that science simply can't explain. So some of us turn to a higher power for answers which ultimately doesn't answer those thought-provoking questions about the world we live in. Here are 8 questions that continue to baffle us. Will there come a day when these questions will be answered?

Are We Alone In The Universe?

three-aliens-saucer-shaped-eyes Credit

We're not sure if there's life out there but we'd have to be pretty egotistical to assume that we're the only ones in the universe. So astronomers continue to scan potentially habitable planets in the hope that we'll find something to prove that there is life in outer space.

What Causes Gravity?

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Of the four fundamental forces in the universe, gravity is the one force that has baffled scientists. Some believe that graviton particles may be responsible but because it's the weakest of all the other forces, it's difficult to actually study. But if we ever figure it out we could probably replicate it in conditions like on space stations and shuttles.

What Causes Turbulence?

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Even Einstein wasn't sure how to explain the concept of air turbulence. The fact is that scientists find it tough to research the conditions that cause them because of the chemical reactions resulting from a plane or jet's propulsion system. The hope is that since turbulence occurs everywhere in nature, scientists will eventually be able to accurately predict natural disasters a whole lot better than they do now.

How Do We Store And Retrieve Our Memories?

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We know very little about how the brain stores and retrieves memories except that neurons and pathways somehow access parts of the brain involved in that specific memory to make us remember. But the actual neurochemical concept and how exactly the brain determines what is what is still baffling to neuroscientists.

Why Do Cats Purr?

gray-white-cat-purr Credit

No one really knows. It's possible that cats purr by dilating their larynx but there's nothing solid to prove or discount this theory. We also don't know if they're doing it because they're happy, sad or curious. But we do know that the frequency of the purr falls within the required range of accelerated healing and bone regeneration. Plus it's so adorable that it seems to have a calming effect on humans too.

How Do Birds Know Where To Migrate?

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Birds often migrate to escape the harsh conditions of winters and sometimes even to lay eggs. But the big mystery is that scientists can't figure out what the trigger is that forces them to migrate. Some theories involve birds using the Earth's magnetic field as a guide but how do they know where to go or why is still a mystery.

Is Aging Inevitable?

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With the advances in genetic research we'd love to assume that we can eventually alter our genetic code to augment our life span from 78 years to 200. But while science believes that cellular damage is the result of aging, they are still baffled by how the damage occurs or how to stop it from happening so we stop aging.

What Causes Hypnic Jerks

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Scientists theorize that this involuntary reflex is the remnant of a mechanism that we often used back when we slept on high ground. So this might explain why whenever we get the sensation that we're about to fall as we go to sleep, we instantly experience a hypnic jerk which forces us to wake up, seemingly saving us from a fall that's real or imagined.