9 Diets That Are Beyond
RIDICULOUS, But Some Might
Just Work

It seems like someone's coming up with a brand new diet gimmick every year. But these 9 are beyond INSANE and completely useless! You'd have to be pretty desperate to try some of these bizarre diets and we hope you aren't getting any dieting ideas from this list.

Cookie Diet

Dr-Siegal-Cookie-Diet Credit

Weight loss guru Dr. Sanford Siegal believes you can lose up to 15 lb a month by eating a specially designed 60 calorie cookie, which will set you back $60 bucks per box. You're supposed to eat 9 of these snacks a day and then one meal that includes fish, chicken or turkey, 8 glasses of water and one cup of veggies.

Cotton Ball Diet

Scream-Queens-Lea-Michele-cotton-ball-diet Credit

You may have seen this on Scream Queens. You dip a cotton ball into a smoothie or fruit juice and then swallow the cotton ball whole. This will make you feel full so you don't end pigging out on highly nutritious (or otherwise) food. The downside is that you risk choking to death or suffering from a serious case of malnutrition. Why is this even a diet?

Kangatarian Diet

Australian-man-confronting-kangaroo Credit

To go on this diet you'll have to give up cow meat and go strictly for kangaroo meat which some consider organic and a whole lot healthier. You'll also accompany kangaroo meat with veggies. Some Kangatarians claim that eating kangaroo is more ethical versus other meat because these animals get to live freely versus cows which are kept in farms and eventually slaughtered.

Tongue Patch Diet

woman-tongue-patch-diet-surgery Credit

Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Chugay came up with a patch that costs $2,000 and gets stitched to your tongue. This makes eating solid food painful but will help you lose 30 lb in a month. But you'll have to go on a liquid diet and you could suffer from pain, ulcers, infection, and swelling of the tongue.

Dukan Diet

Dukan-Diet-Plan-book-woman-reading Credit

French Doctor and nutritionist Pierre Dukan came up with a diet plan of 100 items, 28 of which are plant-based and the remaining 72 which are animal-based. The diet is broken down into 4 stages, during which the person is limited to non-starchy veggies, portions of fruits, cheese, oat bran and the final stage lets you pig out and eat whatever you want. Supposedly you'll lose 10 lb a week.

Prayer Diet

family-saying-grace-before-eating Credit

So this diet requires a lot of faith. Aside from eating healthy and exercising, you must also pray in the morning to achieve your goal of losing weight. If you're an atheist, you can pray to nature or the universe or you know ... simply start making better and healthier choices.

Clay Cleanse Diet

clay-cleanse-diet-volcanic-ash Credit

This diet involves ingesting a volcanic ash called bentonite clay which some claim will absorb toxins from your body. Also the clay swells up which makes you feel full. While studies suggest that the clay is non-toxic, you could end up with low blood pressure and some serious constipation.

Urine Diet

doctor-holding-urine-winking Credit

Some non-pregnant people are choosing to inject themselves with a pregnant woman's urine. Why? Because it contains the hCG hormone which tricks your body into increasing its metabolism. Of course you'll have to pay $300 to $565 for a 6-week supply of urine and go on a 500-calorie diet too.

Ear Stapling

ear-stapling-diet-bizarre Credit

Would you risk an ear infection or even disfigurement to lose weight? If you said yes then try this diet. It involves having surgical staples fixed to the inner cartilage of both your ears. This allegedly hits a pressure point that will suppress your appetite so you don't eat so much.