Brace Yourself! Here's How
The World Will Change In
The Next 10 Years

It's hard to keep up with the way technology is evolving and equally difficult to predict how technology will transform our future. But we have some fascinating hints as to what awaits us and one thing's for sure: technology is about to change our world … yet again.

Stem Cell Research

stem-cell-research-scientist-conducting-study Credit

Despite the controversy behind extracting these cells from aborted fetuses, stem cells can pretty much become anything your body needs to repair itself. Trials have begun to treat patients with macular degeneration. It will in time be used to cure blindness, assist in recuperating a patient with paralysis, and virtually change the world.

Driverless Cars

KITT-Knight-Rider-driverless-vehicle Credit

Remember K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider? That A.I. Trans Am was so cool that it drove itself when it needed to come to Michael's rescue. Well fantasy is way on its way to becoming reality. According to McKinsey & Co., driverless cars will save billions of lives by reducing the number of accidents by as much as 90 percent. GM is already working on releasing a test model.

Space Exploration

Mars-One-colonists-visual-representation Credit

Exploring the final frontier has been one of humanity's greatest passions. Now it seems like science fiction may become science fact with the potential colonist project, Mars One Mission. From there it's only a matter of time before we discover new forms of propulsion to allow us to explore our solar system and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Commander-Data-Star-Trek-TNG-damaged Credit

Target recently announced that they plan to deploy a bunch of robot workers. Silicon Valley already has the K5 Security Robot and we also have a recently developed A.I. with the intelligence of a college-level graduate. So before you know it we could have a self-aware android like Lieutenant Commander Data walking around.

Gene Editing

scientist-gene-editing-future-technology Credit

At a genomics institute in China, geneticists developed a series of micro pigs that weigh no more than 30 lbs thanks to gene editing. This research will continue and eventually provide scientists with the ability to treat genetic related illnesses and so much more.


nanotechnology-repair-red-blood-cell Credit

These tiny microscopic robots can one day be programmed to seek out and destroy cells that are harmful to us like cancer or even introduce medicine at a faster rate. It might even be used to repair damaged parts and regenerate certain organs.

3D Printers

3D-printer-woman-smiling Credit

Right now, the Makerarm and MakerBot 3D printers can print just about anything from fabric to ink and even metal. We already know some 3D printers can even make food (to a certain degree). But pretty soon, these bad boys will drop in prices and become an essential part of any home/office. Eventually you'll be able to replicate just about anything with a click of a button.

Virtual Reality

virtual-reality-glove-arm-band Credit

Samsung released a wearable VR player in 2015 which allows users to play games. But in the not so distant future, we will have suits that allow us to see, hear, feel and touch a virtually constructed world. It's certainly no holodeck but it's definitely the next step.


drone-delivering-package-merchandise Credit

We already know that the military uses drones for spy missions and other tactics. But drones come in a variety of sizes. Some have been made to look like flies and used to pollinate crops while others are used to survey areas that humans might not be able to explore. But in the future, drones will be delivering your packages or even your pizza.

Augmented Reality

augmented-reality-virtual-display Credit

Remember those virtual displays that popped up in front of the Terminator's line of sight that told him where he was or who his target was? Well Augmented Reality allows you to have something similar. You'll be able to wear a lens that will let you see an HD holographic display of vital information like GPS tracking or anything else you can think of right in your face!