Incredible Tourist
Attractions That Are
Perfect For PSYCHOS With a

While most of us would love nothing more than to enjoy a relaxing vacation by the beach or at Disney World, others find different ways to relax … by doing the exact opposite! and get their hearts pumping blood and doing some RADICAL things! Here are 10 thrilling tourist destinations that only someone with a death wish would enjoy!

The Grand Canyon

Grand-Canyon-teen-hanging-on-cliffhanger Credit

This popular Arizona tourist spot has attracted countless people across the world and cost over 685 deaths over the year. On average, two or three deaths happen here simply from people falling over the rim. People have also died from the heat, exhaustion, dehydration, animal attacks, and of course suicide. We might just stay at the office and play Scrabble, then.

Volcano Boarding

Cerro-Negro-Nicaragua-volcano-boarding Credit

Darryn Webb came up with this tourist attraction where people can slide down an active volcano called Cerro Negro in Nicaragua using a piece of wood rather than a sled for $28. Here's the thing, the volcano is still active. So you could literally find yourself sliding for your life!

Alnwick Gardens, UK

Poison-Garden-Alnwick-UK Credit

Among the various plant life and interesting fountains is a garden full of poisonous plants which were added in 2005. Among the species are nux vomica which is used to create strychnine and ricinus communis, which contains the deadly ricin. Although tourists are kept within a safe distance, some of the plants have released toxic fumes that have caused people to faint.


Pripyat-Chernobyl-disaster-ground-zero Credit

The town of Pripyat became a ghost town after the Chernobyl power plant had a massive meltdown 30 years ago. Although the radiation levels have subsided it's still considered a radioactive hot spot. So stay on the designated tourist path or you could wind up with a serious case of radiation poisoning.

Mountain Biking In Bolivia

Yungas-Road-Bolivia-dangerous-path Credit

The Yungas Road in Bolivia is so dangerous that people actually pray before using it. The road is treacherous. There are actual shrines and graves on the road of those less fortunate travelers who took a 50-meter tumble to their deaths. Over 200 people die annually here. So feel free to speed race across the world's most dangerous road on your bike. But it may be the last thing you do.

Cage Of Death

Cage-Death-Australian-tourist-attraction Credit

The Australian attraction is called the Cage of Death for a very good reason. A Plexiglass cage is all that protects you from gigantic 20-foot dinosaur-like saltwater crocodiles. While the cage is sturdy, it did break once from the constant pounding of the massive creature that's always eager to get at its prey (that's you in case you weren't sure).

Yosemite National Park's Half Dome

Yosemite-National-Park-Half-Dome Credit

1,500 meters above Yosemite Valley is the legendary Half Dome. It takes a whole day to finish the difficult climb. But the last 120 meters are the worst as you're facing vertically and have to use metal cables to reach the top. People have fallen into the waters below and drowned or were struck by lightning in mid-climb. About 60 people have died in an attempt to climb the Half Dome.

Skellig Michael

Skellig-Michael-Irish-thousand-year-old-stairs Credit

Just west of Ireland by the Atlantic Ocean you'll find the steepest and longest stairs ever. It has 600 steps in total and is over a thousand years old. So keep that in mind. The climb is treacherous, unstable and slippery and there are no safety rails. One false step and you'll be rolling down to your death.

Hiking On China's Huashan Trail

China-Huashan-Trail-deadliest-hike Credit

Mt. Huashan is the tallest of 5 of the holiest mountains in China. So naturally it attracts hikers from all over the world. Unfortunately, the only thing preventing you from journeying on a 7,000 foot drop to the afterlife are a bunch of rusty chains. Over a hundred hikers die here each year. Care to give it a shot?