People Claim They've
Actually SEEN These
Creatures Around The World

Zombies, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons … most of them sound like recurring villains on the CW show Supernatural. Some people claim that they've actually seen these otherworldly creatures and swear by their existence. But the inner-Scully in us is still very skeptical about it!


Eloko-mythical-creature-jungle Credit

It's said that deep in the Congolese jungle you'll find the Eloko, a bunch of dwarfs covered in grass that cast a spell over humans using magical bells before eating them. Some claim they are the angry ghosts of those who lived in the jungle. But have you ever heard of a hungry ghost?


Chupacabra-Puerto-Rican-legend-mythical-creature Credit

In 1995, a series of animal attacks in Puerto Rico left the island baffled. It seemed that farm animals were being drained of their blood by some sort of demonic creature that left its victims with three puncture wounds in the chest. To date there are over 150 reported Chupacabra related deaths but no actual evidence that the creature exists. Skeptics believe it may be cult related.


Behemoth-Book-Enoch-creature-mythical Credit

The Book of Enoch talks about a huge monster that dwells in a conveniently invisible desert just east of the Garden of Eden. It also states that at the end of time, the Behemoth will engage the Leviathan in an ultimate battle, which God himself will put an end to by killing both creatures. Then it will feed the remains of the Behemoth to those he finds righteous. Ew … gross!


Pukwudgie-mythical-creature-monster Credit

The name sounds cute but these creatures don't have good intentions at all. According to a Native American myth, they shoot their human victims with arrows dipped in poison. So while you're dazed from the toxin coursing through your blood the Pukwudgie will take advantage and push you off a cliff.


Cherufe-lava-molten-rock-monster Credit

The Cherufe demon is made of a combination of magma and rock and lives deep within the lava pools of Chilean volcanoes. According to legend, the Cherufe is the cause of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in that region. To keep this from happening, you'd have to throw a human sacrifice, preferably a virgin woman into the heart of the volcano.


Aigamuxa-creature-eyeballs-feet Credit

These demons were spawned by African lore and have eyeballs on the soles of their feet. While they may be positively terrifying to look at (if they in fact do exist), you can rest assured that they are virtually blind if they're standing still and their line of sight is very limited if they're running towards you.


Aswang-Philippines-mythical-creature Credit

According to various Philippine legends, the Aswang are shapeshifters who can look like a regular person during the day. But when the sun goes down, they reveal their true nature and feed on men, women and babies. Of the various mythical creatures, it's said that the Aswang is the most feared in the Philippines.