Satirical Illustrations
Show How Crazy Modern Day
Society Really Is

Romanian cartoonists Petry And Crisan are using art as a way of expressing views on harsh subjects like immorality, shallowness, politics, sexism and of course war. While some of these satirical cartoons will rub people the wrong way, they are nonetheless incredibly orchestrated and thought provoking art pieces that invite discussion.

Political Lies

revolutionary-victory-political-figures-waving Credit

People fight and in some cases get hurt in order to have a better government that will give their country a better future. But in the end it's all the same. As you can see, the politician on the right is waving but his shadow is basically flipping everyone the bird.

Treated Like Cattle

doctor-vet-woman-horse-pregnant Credit

This illustrates how some doctors treat pregnant women in today's world despite social and technological advances. We're nothing but numbers to them, nothing but cattle.

Cure For Stupidity

hospital-bed-cure-stupidity-books-hanging-square-head Credit

Stupid people are often described as living in a small box, which could explain why the man in the hospital bed's head looks square. People like this one choose to live in their own world and don't want to open their minds and educate themselves. So the books above this patient's head is basically knowledge curing the person of his stupidity.

Eve And Satan

Adam-Eve-Satan-tempting-woman Credit

Notice that Satan's crotch leaf is bigger than Adam's. Some might see this as the age old and totally inappropriate idea that women are not satisfied or can't get enough of one thing so they go with the highest bidder. Adam might be offering an apple, but an evildoer is offering a bigger one.

Knowledge Impregnation

brain-thought-sperm-impregnating Credit

This illustration once again points out the need for knowledge and education and an open mind in order to overcome sheer stupidity. To that end, the artists have drawn a brain seemingly being impregnated with thoughts.

Marrying For Money

young-blonde-bride-marries-old-rich-guy Credit

She's a gold digger who wants his money. He's an old man who wants to sleep with her. In the end some would argue that neither is ever truly happy. However, is it that impossible to believe that a beautiful young woman could fall in love with a wealthy man for his personality?

The Final Verdict

Bible-God-Devil-correcting Credit

Everybody's going to be equal and none of that good versus evil stuff is going to matter. Because when the end is near, equality will reign supreme whether you believe in God or not.

The Pregnancy Prison

woman-prison-pregnant-counting-days Credit

Some may disagree while others will totally relate but this illustration insinuates that women are held prisoner by the child inside of them. Although the baby's prison sentence is limited to 9 months, the woman gets a life sentence because she looks after him or her all of her life.

Deadly War

grim-reaper-scythe-soldiers-war Credit

Some wars are fought over religion while others are fought because of territory or oil. Regardless, there's an underlying truth to this illustration which is that war equals death. So ultimately, no one wins.

The Comedic Pedestal

Chaplin-Jim-Carrey-Rowan-Atkinson-Benny-Hill Credit

What we took from this illustration is that Benny Hill, Rowan Atkinson and Jim Carrey combined cannot measure up to Chaplain's comedic genius. While it's true that Chaplin was a legend, we feel that each of the other comedians are legendary in their own way.

Slashing The Future

grim-reaper-slashes-family-future-apart-pregnant-woman-saying-goodbye-soldier Credit

The Grim Reaper is ripping apart the concept of a happy future for a soldier and his pregnant wife who waves goodbye with a promise from him that he'll be back. But generally in combat, soldiers die and that promise may never be kept.