These Documentaries Will
Make You Question The Whole

Documentaries often show us the ugly truth about industries, governments and social aspects that we often shy away from because of ignorance or flat out skepticism. These documentaries portray everything from the shocking to the horrifying and the unimaginable. And some might change the way you see the world.


Aokigahara-Forest-suicide-documentary Credit

The Aokigahara Forest at the base of Mount Fuji is a suicide hotspot. In the documentary, a geologist goes looking for those who have hung themselves and other depressed souls who are searching for the perfect place to end their lives. This documentary of sheer human desperation is bleak, tragic and disturbing.

The Iceman Tapes

The-Iceman-Tapes-documentary-killer Credit

A series of interviews of Richard Kuklinski, aka Iceman, gives us a horrifying insight into the disturbed and violent mind of this serial killer. We get to hear some intricate details about the atrocities he committed and what motivated him to do it. If you didn't believe that pure unadulterated evil existed, you certainly will after you watch this documentary.


Zoo-documentary-men-loving-horses Credit

It's a documentary about men in Enumclaw, WA who love farm animals, particularly horses. While there aren't any actual sexual scenes in the documentary, the details throughout the interview are disturbing. They even talk about Kenneth Pinyan, a 45-year-old who later died after a horse perforated his sigmoid colon. We'll let you figure out how that happened.

High On Crack Street

High-On-Crack-Street-documentary Credit

This documentary goes deep into the complicated lives of three crack addicts named Boo Boo, Dicky and Brenda. It offers a thought-provoking insight on what addicts deal with from prostitution to STDs and pregnancy. We also get to see the lengths they'll go to in order to obtain their next hit of crack. It truly is heartbreaking.

Interview With A Cannibal

Issei-Sagawa-insane-cannibal Credit

The 2012 documentary is like a real life Silence of the Lambs. Issei Sagawa gained fame for his cannibalistic crimes but was found insane and sent to a mental institute. Then the French sent him to Japan where the courts declared him sane. Now, from his own living room, you'll get to hear what drove him to kill and eat a woman.

Food Inc

Food-Inc-documentary-chain Credit

This documentary delves into how major corporations have sunk their fangs into some major food chains across America. This includes farms, supermarkets and restaurants. American people of different walks of life were interviewed about their eating habits. We also get to see footage from animal processing plants which could make some viewers squeamish.

The Killing Of America

Killing-America-documentary-disturbing Credit

This documentary shows you the gritty truth about criminal activity in America. You better have a strong stomach because you'll see some graphic footage of riots and murders. The 1982 documentary gives us a look at the United States dark crime related chapters, which ironically would look like child's play if you consider some of the events that have occurred since then.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit-9-11-Michael-Moore-controversy Credit

Michael Moore is no stranger to controversial documentaries. But this one suggested that the government's reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attack was extremely lackluster. There are also several direct and indirect accusations about how the 2000 elections and Fox News played a role in the Middle Eastern invasion, which some insinuated was an attack against Right-Wing politics.